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PTZ camera

Sep 14, 2017

PTZ: In the security monitoring application is Pan / Tilt / Zoom short, on behalf of the PTZ all-round (up / down / down) movement and zoom lens zoom, zoom control.

In the context of the camera to monitor the scene, when the mobile target appears, the user can manually

Lock (for example, by clicking the mouse to lock the target) or preset to automatically trigger a certain moving target to trigger the PTZ camera for automatic PTZ tracking, and automatically control the PTZ camera PTZ all-round rotation, for the locked The moving target is visually guided by automatic tracking to ensure that the tracking target continues to appear in the center of the lens. Automatic PTZ tracking module to make up for the shortcomings of fixed camera monitoring narrow field of view, is a perfect security monitoring system necessary functions.

The main form

The main components of the ball machine include integrated camera, high-speed stepper motor PTZ, embedded solution

Chip board and other electronic devices built in a ball machine shield.

Advantages: easy to install, good protection, strong weather adaptability.

Disadvantages: high cost Poor maintenance, failure is not easy to discharge. Can not install wipers, rainy field of vision fuzzy. The pan / tilt decoder camera is the system mechanical component external. PTZ, decoder, camera can also be installed separately.

Advantages: strong maintenance, low cost, high point of view, you can install the wiper.

Disadvantages: installation complex, poor protection, prone to failure.

Standard Conference Camera

Mainly applicable to video conference rooms, lecture halls, multimedia classrooms and remote training rooms, auditoriums, Internet communications, and other fields.