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Prevent Shop Burglary, Wireless Outdoor Siren Guard for You

Jun 09, 2018

Prevent Shop Burglary, Wireless Outdoor Siren Guard for You


With the increase of security awareness in society, and at the same time, it has been increasingly used to better combat and eliminate crimes. From ancient times to the present, large and small shops are guarantees for people’s basic lives. Whether it is fuel or salt, Use, business, etc. all need these shops to provide us with the necessary goods and services.

In the shops on the street, things are often placed on real objects, especially electrical appliances, mobile phones, gold, silver and jewelry. These items are particularly valuable. Once a thief “sees,” the losses caused are often huge. . Around us, we have seen cases like stolen jewellery shops, stolen supermarket cash desks, and so on. To prevent the occurrence of burglary cases, the installation of wireless outdoor siren with light alarms is an effective method to protect the property of shops, and it is the key issue that we should consider.


At 4:35 pm on October 20th, 2017, two men rode a moped to a pharmacy on Nanyang Road, Luoyang Town, and used tools to smash the middle door of the pharmacy shutter door. Then, cut the padlock, open the shutter door, and enter the store. At 5:13, the two joined forces to bring a group of precious medicinal herbs worth about RMB 100,000 and a computer to a moped, and then drove away.

When I got up early to work, the shutters of my store opened, and the chain lock on the glass door lay on the floor. There were no goods in the room. K! Although there are surveillance videos and alarms can be made for more than a month, there is still no progress. The shop owner decided to collect a lot of valuable clues. "After discovering theft, we immediately checked the store's goods and counted lost goods, items, and cash. We lost a total of more than 100,000 yuan." The stolen was an outdoor store near Tingbei Road in Changchun. Mr. Ma is a staff member of this shop.

When he came to work in the morning on October 20, 2017, he discovered that the shop had been stolen. The shutter door that was supposed to be closed was open, and the electric remote control key used to close the door had expired. "The key is easy to use in the afternoon. It can be seen that the shutter door is not damaged." Mr. Ma immediately asked another clerk who had the key. The other said that the key was neither lost nor loaned.

Excluding the insiders from committing crimes, he found a problem when Mr. Ma looked at the surveillance video in the store: “The man who stole was a man using a high-tech machine that could control the lifting and lowering of the rolling shutter door from a distance and monitor it. He could see that he wanted to come in the day before, but he found that we had a chain lock on the glass door and went back, and came back the next day." Mr. Ma said that there are many types of items missing from the store, but Not the most expensive. It seems that this hacking person is not very knowledgeable.


"In the monitoring, he was very calm and could see that there was a motive to carry out a motive. He stayed in the store for more than two hours," said Mr. Ma, looking at the technique, and the other person has considerable experience. If an outdoor sound and light alarm is installed, the thief will be scared away before the thief has entered the room. This is best for shops.

Everyone knows that anti-theft alarms are an important facility for preventing human life and ensuring property safety from infringement. Once an emergency occurs, an accident can be prompted by an acousto-optic alarm or electronic map to promptly take emergency measures. Today, HEYI editor recommends an wireless outdoor siren with light alarm HY-6107S for you.

When the solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren works with wireless alarm host by wireless transmission, alarm host can input the solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren’s address, or directly learning with the solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren. The solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren’s tamper alarm, AC information, battery voltage information are all transmitted to the alarm host via wireless signal. Then the alarm host notifies the user about the alarm information via SMS, center and voice.The solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren also can indicate alarm host arm / disarm status.

Users can buy the relative remote controls and detectors according to their demand when the solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren is used as the alarm host. It can connect with these wireless accessories and become a powerful independent alarm system.

The solar outdoor wireless acousto-optic siren can also be used as a repeater, which can increase the wireless launch distance effectively.

The ancients said: Prevent problems before they happen, that is, prevent accidents or harm before they happen. Thefts from shops occur from time to time, not only to themselves, but also to society. The sharp outdoor outdoor acousto-optic alarm is precisely to meet the user's needs, with a strong shocking function to ensure the safety of shops at all times.