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Prevent Household Gas Leakage,Combustible Gas Alarm Will Protect User Safety

Aug 11, 2018

Prevent Household Gas Leakage

Combustible Gas Alarm Will Protect User Safety

With the continuous development of cities, gas energy has become an indispensable part of people's life. Eat, live and travel, and it has an inseparable relationship. But although gas is a very important part of people's life, gas leakage accidents, which always threaten the safety of our life. Some tragedies can be avoided if combustible gas alarms are properly installed.

The other night, a small couple in haining rented a house, suddenly issued a loud noise, the couple was severely burned, was rushed to the hospital. And the reason is the husband, a casual action.

Yuan and his wife, who came to haining to work earlier this year, rented a house in haining. The other night, yuan told his wife, "do you smell something strange, like a gas leak? Xiao yuan's wife also said she smelled it. So yuan got up quickly to check the situation, and then tragedy happened! There was a bang, and the gas exploded.

Xiao yuan and his wife were immediately burned, and the landlord who came to hear the news immediately called 120. The doctor who received him immediately gave xiao yuan and his wife emergency treatment, fluid infusion, debridement dressing, anti-shock treatment. Then immediately sent the couple to the hospital dressing room for further treatment such as scab.

So how did the gas burst? What to do if a gas leak is suspected? Believe most people know, must not have fire! But that night, when he smelled the gas and went to check it, little yuan carelessly hit the gas range and the gas exploded.

In fact, these people could have avoided disaster, but they found the gas leakage, but because of lack of common sense security, do not know how to properly handle and nearly died. So everybody must remember, gas or natural gas leakage, the most can not do is ignition!

The potential safety of gas leakage is also enough to cause concern, and the combustible gas alarm naturally becomes the kitchen's preferred helper. Today small make up recommend a kitchen security product for everybody, let you enjoy intelligent life ahead of time.

HEYI security puts forward "safe kitchen" concept, think people not only have the flavor of happy home, want the beautiful of safe home more. This time, a talking kitchen combustible gas alarm GD33 has been developed, and the concept will be put into reality at one stroke. Every family can experience and enjoy the security all the time.

All the designs are based on user experience, use scenario improvement and structure processing implementation. We only have one purpose, do not play empty, let the user feel our real sincerity and concern in the life that occupy the home.

Kitchen installed on the alarm devices, and then add a lot of security for household, regardless of whether anyone in the home, the security for the kitchen can be real-time, once the harmful gas such as gas, gas leak, achieve the established TVC, the equipment can be through sound, light, text messages, message delivery methods such as warning family, let you in the first time to respond, removing the potential risk of harm, for family safety remind one more layer of protection.

Last but not least, I would like to remind you that we must be aware of safety in our daily life and remove safety hazards in time. If we encounter risks, we can also make correct judgments. Accidents like this can be avoided if there is a combustible gas alarm. It CARES every family attentively, put an end to household possible all hidden trouble.