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Perfect configuration for department

Jul 11, 2017

The HY-W20 WIFI/GPRS/SMS give you the peace of mind that your house is safe and secure.


We are confident our wired, wireless and IP cameras options will give you the set up you need.

If you have your own department, how to keep it sweet and security?


To ensure youre covered we recommend fitting a PIR motion detector in your room . That is what our HY-320 PIR detector can do.


One wireless HY-20 door sensor can be fitted on all main exits or the window which can be open and closed.


We are out for work. In order to keep the kitchen safe. Maybe the smoke and gas detector can help you figure out the problem.


Upstairs you should have one movement detector( HY-320) on the landing.Upstairs you should have one movement detector( HY-320) on the landing.


You live alone. When you go home and like to have dinner directly. You can use our HY-03R smart socket. Just open the switch on the Phone App before you go home.


All this connect with our HY-W20 with wireless. Keep everything in control .

Living alone, you can take care of yourself too. Make parents rest assure.