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Pay Attention to Home Security; Installing GSM Alarms Seems Indispensable

Jun 21, 2018

Pay Attention to Home Security; 

Installing GSM Alarms Seems Indispensable

Most people now live in the garden area, and not only have security doors installed, but also security guards in residential areas and building entrances. In the high temperature summer months, screens are installed in all households, and sleeping in the windows at night will surely lead to an increase in burglary cases. According to the statistics of the public security department, the summer is indeed a high incidence of burglary cases. The burglaries are mainly concentrated from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, and from 22:00 to 1:00, showing high rates of morning and night.


Traditional simple protection facilities such as residential fences and anti-theft fences not only undermine the overall image of the community, but also cannot effectively prevent criminals from breaking into the doorway. At the same time, iron gates and guardrails in the event of a fire, earthquake or other emergencies occur. Make it difficult to escape. The personal and property safety of resident has become a problem that every household must solve. The GSM alarm system developed by HEYI Security has solved this problem, and it is also the most important line of defense for community security. How to prevent theft in the summer, there are many coups in HEYI security.

Coup 1: install surveillance cameras, so that the family more eyes

Many family thefts now occur when no one is at home in the daytime. The thief is just taking this opportunity. There is no one in the family. They can do it. In the era of mobile Internet, smart home provides us with a good solution. Through the webcam, we can use mobile phones to achieve remote monitoring, view the situation at home at any time, as well as smart recognition function, find abnormal automatic prompts, let you grasp at any time The situation at home is not only for anti-theft, but also for fire prevention and prevention of gas leaks. Smart home monitoring is equivalent to having more eyes at home and keeping your home guarded.

Coup 2: fitted with guardrails

At present, most of the residents of the building are equipped with window iron railings. If you want to achieve the effect of theft prevention, the size, density, and welding methods of the guardrails are all exquisite. First of all, the distance between the rails of the guardrail is only less than 16 centimeters. Second, the guardrail must be made in the form of a "well" so that even if the thieves break the iron guardrails, they will not help. In addition, do not forget to leave the escape exit by installing the iron guardrail. Once a fire breaks out, it will not be trapped in the house.

Coup three: small wind chimes anti-theft is not simple

Hanging a wind chime in front of a balcony or window is not only a decoration but also acts as a guard against theft. Once a thief enters a room from a window or balcony, it will inevitably encounter wind chimes and the wind chimes will make a loud noise, which will inevitably cause people's attention. In the night, you can watch the sleeping people.

Coup four: flowers and grass can also be anti-theft

The room with air-conditioned outdoor unit should pay more attention, and many thieves climb into the room by means of an air-conditioned chassis hanging outside the window. Yan Shuji said that the easiest thing is to put two pots of flowers on the window sill, or put a bowl of water on it. Once a thief enters, it is likely to touch something and act as an "alarm".

Coup five: balcony installation voice control lights

Install a voice-activated lamp on the balcony. Turn on the switch before going to sleep. Once someone climbs on the balcony or has a sound, the light will turn on, which will scare off the thieves. If the bedroom is far from the balcony, the lamp and a small buzzer can be connected together, and a chiming sound can be heard at the same time.

Coup 6: Install GSM alarm

The GSM alarm is easy to install, requires no complicated wiring, and comes with a backup battery. The power failure does not stop. When an intrusion is discovered, it can alert the owner and the community security. The community can install a video network alarming center for anti-theft alarms. When an alarm signal is received, the center will immediately pop up the location of the alarm so that the security can quickly catch the thieves. Anti-theft alarm system during this period has played a role in assisting the monitoring and timely warning, complementing the lack of security of the villa community, is the villa owner's best choice.

The GSM alarm is still indispensable to our safe life. It is the core of the entire security system. It effectively predicts in advance and can avoid many accidents, such as door and window entrance, fire, gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. Life, property and home environment are escorted and can provide us with genuine security.