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Overview of gas alarm

Jun 23, 2017

Gas is combustible gas, common gas, including liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas, natural gas. Gas leak detector is the detection of gas concentration detector, the core of the original components for the gas sensor, installed in the place where gas leakage may occur, when the gas concentration in the air exceeds the set value of the detector will be triggered alarm External sound and light alarm signal, if the alarm host and alarm center can be connected to the network alarm, and can automatically start the exhaust equipment, gas pipeline valves closed to protect the safety of life and property. In the civil security project, used for household gas leak alarm, is also widely used in various types of oil refineries, oil depots, chemical plants, liquefied petroleum gas stations and other places prone to combustible gas leakage.

People do not have a thorough solution to the threat of accidents caused by gas leaks?

The experts introduced the use of gas leak alarm is an important means to deal with gas invisible killer. Gas experts pointed out that gas leakage or exhaust emissions and a large number of carbon monoxide is the source of gas poisoning response, such as the use of gas leak alarm can be a timely warning. The relevant departments of the long-term test also concluded that the gas alarm to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning accident occurred more than 95% efficiency.

The use of gas leak alarms greatly reduces the probability of a major accident due to gas leaks in places where gas equipment is used.

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