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Microwave and passive infrared double detector

May 16, 2017

In order to overcome the shortcomings of a single technology detector, usually use two different technical principles of the detector together, only when the two detection technology sensors are detected when the human body movement alarm detector called double detector. Common dual-detector on the market mostly is microwave + passive infrared detector.And there are also infrared and air pressure detectors and audio + air pressure detectors and other products.

In order to further improve the performance of the detector, in the dual-detector on the basis of the detector has increased the microprocessor technology known as the three-detector. In the three-detector and then add another technology detector to become four-detector.


1,Microwave and passive infrared two methods detection , and through fuzzy logic digital analysis, excluding all kinds of ordinary detectors can not overcome the interference, only to move the body to make an alarm, to prevent false negatives, performance far beyond  the Infrared detector without microwave function .

2, The use of a full range of patented precision temperature compensation, no matter how the ambient temperature changes, the detection sensitivity is always consistent, there is no temperature dead zone (the general detector at 32 ℃ ~ 40 ℃,the sensitivity decreased significantly, or in other temperature Easy to get false)

3, Microwave detection is stable and reliable, anti-interference ability, the maximum coverage can be more wide, and can be set to view the area.

4, Programmable function, with the greatest application flexibility.