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LoRa Alarm System

Oct 31, 2018

LoRa Alarm System

At present, our country's basic using wireless smart home system is zigbee communication protocol, for LORA communication protocol, believe that everyone is unfamiliar, now let's popularize the basic knowledge about LORA intelligent household system.

LORA integrates digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing and the error-correcting coding technology of its predecessor. With unprecedented performance, LORA is the best solution for wireless transmission in the intelligent home of the Internet of things.

The advantages of using LORA's smart home system are as follows:

1, LoRa intelligent household is the star of point to point communication mode, to realize long distance transmission, no network repeater transmission distance, namely smart accessories with intelligent control of the host directly connected to each other, don't need a large number of nodes to convey, compared with other communication technology, LoRa technology is more suitable for low-cost, large-scale deployment of the Internet of things.

2, anti-interference, LoRa wireless technology is a special kind of spread spectrum technology, through the use of high spreading factor, LoRa technology small capacity can be sending them out through a wide range of radio spectrum, even with the same frequency at the same time send a signal to the host will not interfere with each other, and solves the problems of wireless technology, susceptible to interference.

3. Long transmission distance: LoRa can demodulate a signal, and its signal-to-noise ratio is 30dB higher than -20db, compared with FSK, the optimal FM mode, which is equivalent to the expansion of range and distance by many times. In the outdoor environment, the 6dB gap can be twice the original transmission distance, and 30dB is equivalent to five times the distance based on FSK.

4. Stronger penetrability: LORA USES a lower transmission frequency of 433mhz or 868mhz, with strong penetration ability.

5. Low power consumption: LORA communication protocol, its receiving current is only 10mA, and the sleep current is less than 200nA, which greatly extends the battery life and greatly reduces the power consumption of the battery powered equipment.

6. Extremely high security: LORA is extremely secure in wireless communication and adopts the embedded point-to-point aes-128 data encryption technology to solve the security problem of transmission between intelligent locks and gateways. "LORA terminal +LORA spotlight" has become an ideal technology choice for the large-scale promotion and application of the Internet of things.