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Is anti-theft alarm only important in intelligent application?

Feb 12, 2020

Is anti-theft alarm only important in intelligent application?

The anti-theft alarm, which is supposed to predict and actively defend some dangerous behaviors, should be more easily recognized by the market and users. However, due to the unfamiliarity with the application of sensor technology, imprecise detection, the user has been "fooled" for many times, and the complex operation and other factors, it loses patience with the alarm equipment products, resulting in even if the anti-theft alarm is installed, it will eventually become a device , or the habit of "seeing is believing", turn to video monitoring, anti-theft alarm gradually "lose favor" when competing with other security products.

However, the anti-theft and alarm functions are still indispensable for our safe life and the core of the whole security system. Effective pre-warning in advance can avoid many accidents, such as prying doors and windows into the room, fire, gas leakage, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., protect people's life and property and home environment, and bring us a lot of real security.

The anti-theft alarm system can realize the alarm function of the product itself through the single product or package, such as safeguarding property safety, anti-theft; safeguarding personal safety, help of the elderly, fire prevention, leakage prevention, poisoning prevention, etc., and connect with the alarm reception center 110, 120, 119; meanwhile, it can improve people's life quality, such as PM2.5 detection, intelligent control of home appliances, voice intercom, biometric, etc., and can also enter The bank operates on a platform to provide more value-added services. For example, through the platform, the alarm user's mobile app can not only receive the alarm information in time, but also receive the property notice, can make an appointment for registration, movie reservation, online shopping, etc., create an intelligent community, provide people with convenient and personal services, and become a real intelligent safe life housekeeper.