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Introduction of wireless gas leak detector

Dec 26, 2019

Introduction of wireless gas leak detector

   1.Working principle

   In the effective prevention area of the gas leak detector (20 square meters), when the leakage of harmful gases (gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas) reaches its alarm capacity, it will emit drops. At the same time, the alarm signal output circuit sends a wireless alarm signal to the host.

   2.Installation position

   A. Kitchen

   3. Installation precautions

   A. Is the IC code consistent with the host?

   B. Do not install on vents

   C. There should be no obstruction between the gas leak detector and the host

   D. The distance from the host should be kept within its effective range

   E. The installation location should be in a place avoiding rain and humidity

   F, the installation height should be determined according to the gas used

   4. Analysis and treatment of common faults

   A detector sends an alarm signal, but the host does not alarm

   (1) Check if the IC code is consistent with the host

   (2) Check if the distance from the host is too far

   (3) Check if the circuit output is normal