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Introduction of wireless door sensor

Dec 26, 2019

Introduction of wireless door sensor

1.Working principle

  The door magnet is composed of a wireless transmission module and a magnetic block. There are two components of a "steel spring tube" at the two arrows of the wireless transmission module. When the distance between the magnet and the steel spring tube is kept within 1.5 cm, The steel spring tube is in the disconnected state. Once the distance between the magnet and the steel spring tube exceeds 1.5 cm, the steel spring tube will be closed, causing a short circuit, and the alarm indicator will be turned on while the alarm signal is transmitted to the host.

2.Prevention position

  (1) Door

  (2) Drawer

  (3) Safe

  (4) Windows

3. Installation precautions

  A. Is the IC code correct?

  B. Minimize the distance from the host

  C. Try not to have a steel fine concrete wall and electrical appliances with the host

  D. The installation location should be in a place avoiding rain and humidity

4. Analysis and treatment of common faults

  A. The host cannot receive the alarm signal of the door sensor.

  (1) Check if the door magnetic IC code is correct

  (2) Check the distance between the door sensor and the host

  (3) Check whether the battery is charged or whether the battery buckle is connected.

  (4) Check the surrounding environment of the door sensor

  (5) Check if the circuit board of door sensor is damaged

  B. The indicator light of the door sensor does not light or stays on.

  (1) Check whether the solder joints on the circuit board are loose or come off

  (2) Check the battery level

  (3) Check if the circuit board is damaged

  C. Install the transmitter on the door frame as much as possible, and install the magnet on the door to reduce the transmitter from falling off due to vibration.