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Introduction of GSM anti-theft alarm

Dec 26, 2019

Introduction of GSM anti-theft alarm

  1) Function and working method

  The host is the core of the system. It is used to receive the alarm signal from the detector at the same time for timely feedback; after receiving the alarm signal, the host will generate a 120-dB siren sound, and at the same time will dial 3/6 groups outside the GSM network to be set by the host himself Call or send 3 short message alarms.

  2) Installation precautions

  A. The installation position should be open, so that it can more smoothly receive the alarm signals from each detector.

  B. The location of the host should be concealed so that it cannot be easily noticed.

  C. The connection cable with the host must be connected correctly.

  D. The main unit should not be installed near high-frequency electrical appliances to avoid interference from electromagnetic waves.

  E. The installation of the host should be more than 0.5 meters from the ground to avoid interference from ground shielding.

  F. After installation, the receiving antenna should be pulled out.

  3. Analysis and treatment of common faults

  A. The host cannot receive the alarm signal from each detector.

  (1) Analysis from the surrounding environment (location, electrical appliances and whether it is placed underground) of the installed host

  (2) Whether it is interfered by electromagnetic waves

  (3) Check if the antenna of the host is pulled out, in case the distance between the host and each detector is too far

  (4) Whether the host is damaged

  B. The preset phone of the host cannot be dialed or the short message cannot be sent

  (1) Whether the phone / mobile number and SMS mobile number have been set correctly

  (2) Check the GSM network signal

  (3) Check whether the SIM card in the host is in good contact.

  (4) Check whether the SIM card is enabled for short function in the host

  (6) Check that the SIM card in the host is in arrears

  (7) The SIM card in the host can only use the mobile or Unicom GSM card