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Introduction of Alarm System

Jun 14, 2018

Introduction of Alarm System

An alarm system is an electronic product that alerts or warns us to take certain actions in the form of sound, light, and air pressure to prevent or prevent the consequences of an incident. Alarms can be divided into mechanical alarms and electronic alarms. With the advancement of science and technology, mechanical alarms are increasingly being replaced by advanced electronic alarms. They are often used in areas such as system failures, safety precautions, transportation, medical aid, emergency response, and induction detection, and are closely related to social production. Inseparable. Such as: door magnetic sensor and gas detector.

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The main intrusion of thieves in the home is mainly doors and windows, and the proportion of door burglaries is greater than that of window burglars. A magnetic sensor is installed on the door of each household. If there is a theft ertering the room from door, door sensor will immediately transmit this information to the home alarm host, and this information can also be set to transmit to the control center. The location and type of the alarm will immediately display on the center.

The window uses infrared detector to arm every window and balcony of the home. When a burglar enters from the window or balcony, the detector will immediately transmit signal to the control center through the alarm host. At the same time, the home host also arise alarm voice, and the location and type of the alarm will immediately display on the control center.

Gas leakage is also a safety measure that modern families have to prevent. Gas detectors are used here to install in the kitchen. When the gas leaks, after reaching a certain concentration, the sensor immediately transmits this signal through the home host to the alarm center.

The alarms can be divided into the following categories according to their use environment:

Home alarm system

Commercial alarm fire alarm system

Temperature alarm

Smoke detector

Gas alarm

Audible alarm

Dual-network alarm

The alarm device mainly utilizes the existing telephone network or the wireless mobile phone GSM and GPS network, and communicates with the user's phone or the mobile phone through a wireless or wired method, and realizes an electronic product with a remote anti-theft function, such as infrared detector, door magnet, smoke detector, infrared fences, etc.

With the development of the global security industry, the security industry is becoming more and more mature.