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Installation precautions for passive infrared detectors

Dec 17, 2019

Installation precautions for passive infrared detectors

As the passive infrared detector belongs to a kind of weak signal detection equipment, attention must be paid to some details such as height and sensitivity during installation. To properly install a passive infrared detector, you must have the following information: first, you must understand the performance characteristics of the detector, second, you must reasonably determine the installation location, and finally you must carefully debug. It cannot be said that the detector can report that it has been installed. So how to determine the installation position of a passive infrared detector?

* Determine the normal installation angle according to the instructions

The installation height is not arbitrary, it will affect the sensitivity of the detector and the effect of preventing pets. Imagine that a detector is installed at a height of 2M and a height of 2.5, so when a moving object moves from the ground, the frequency of cutting bright and dark areas is different.

* Not suitable for glass doors and windows

Passive infrared detectors are facing glass doors and windows. There will be two problems: First, white light interference. Obviously, PIR has a strong suppression function for white light, but it is not 100% suppression after all. So avoid facing the glass doors and windows, you can avoid the interference of strong light. The second is to avoid complicated environmental interference outside the doors and windows, such as crowd movement, vehicles and so on.

* Do not face the hot and cold vents or hot and cold sources directly

The sensing effect of passive infrared detector is closely related to the change of temperature. Both hot and cold vents and hot and cold sources may cause false alarms of the detector. For some low-performance detectors, sometimes air convection through doors and windows may also cause false alarms.

* It is not advisable to face objects that are easy to swing

An easy-to-swing object will make the microwave detector work, so it may also cause false alarms. Pay attention to the illegal invasion route The purpose of installing the detector is to prevent illegal invasion by criminals. Before determining the installation location, the main population of the building must be considered. In fact, we prevented entrances and exits, and intercepted illegal intrusion lines, and thus achieved our goal.

* Reasonable selection

There are several models of PIR detectors. From 6 meters to 60 meters, from single-infrared to triple-infrared, from wall-mounted to ceiling-mounted, the detector to be installed must take into account the actual situation of the size of the prevention space, the surrounding environment, and the characteristics of the entrance. Sometimes it is necessary to consider replacing Fresnel lenses to meet the requirements.