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How to use the webcam

Dec 09, 2019

How to use the webcam

The webcam is simple to use:

1. The general network camera plug in the Internet cable, connect to the switch, and then connect to the router from the switch. Any computer in the local LAN can access the camera through the customer's receiving. If you want to be remote, you need to apply for a dynamic domain name. Bind the dynamic domain name to the camera, and then open the corresponding port of the camera in the router, which can be accessed remotely. Some webcam manufacturers support IE browser and streaming media playback. They do not need to download plug-ins. They can browse by entering the camera IP number in IE browser directly.

2. Some network cameras support the function of passing through the firewall. The usage method is basically the same as the above, but there are two steps missing. Instead of applying for dynamic domain name and open port, you can directly enter the serial number of the machine through the client and watch.

3. Some webcam manufacturers have applied for their own dynamic domain names, and the steps are the same as above.