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How to use Smoke Detectors?

Mar 20, 2019

How to use Smoke Detectors?

(1) How does smoke alarms work?

Smoke alarm detects fire through smoke. The smoke detector already alarm while you do not see flames or smell smoke. It kept working 365 days a year , 24 hours a day and never stop. There are two smoke sensors are suit for home use: Ion sensors and photoelectric sensor.

Ion sensor works by measuring the balance of positive and negative charge in the air. There is a small piece of radioactive material inside the sensor can produce small unit current. The computer chip in the circuit board to monitor this unit current. When smoke particles enter the sensing chamber , it will disrupt the balance of positive and negative, but can also make the current changes . When the smoke gradually increased, the imbalance of positive and negative charge will be strengthened. When this balance reaches a certain limit, the horn will sound.

Photoelectric sensor is a beam of light and an optical sensor to measure the concentration of smoke . The device is designed that the beam is deviated from the sensor . When smoke enters the sensing chamber , the smoke particles will scatter part of light beam into the sensor. When the smoke concentration gradually increased, there will be more light is scattered into the sensor. When the beam reaches a certain level , the buzzer will sound.

( 2 ) How to reduce false alarming?

False alarming is a very serious problem. The smoke alarm is constantly alert when a fire does not occur t , You might removed it , then when the fire does occur, nothing will alarm.

The cause of false alarming is as follows : 1. Cooking 2. the impact of moisture or steam 3. cigarette smoke dust 4. Power 5. Dust

1. A lot of false alarming caused by cooking is emitted by the ion alarm. Because ion alarm is sensitive to the tiny smoke particles , even if the human eyes can not see the particles produced by high-temperature cooking. There are two basic solutions.

Move the alarm far away from the cooking fumes. However, this method is not always effective, especially when the air flow bring cooking fumes to the alarm will produce false alarming. So motion alarm must figure out the flow of air firstly.

The second solution to the problem is to replace the alarm , one option is buy a new one with a mute button. As long as a button is pressed the alarm will stop the alarm for 15 minutes, so there is enough time for spread the cooking smoke out . Another option is to buy a photoelectric smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms is less sensitive on tiny particles, so the cooking fumes particles do not generate false alarms.

2. Steam or moisture can condense on the sensor and circuit board , if it concentrates too much moisture alarm will sound.

Workaround: Install the alarm device far away from the steam and moisture , such alarms should not be installed on the corridor of bathroom, so that you can solve the problem. However, older alarm will become more sensitive and easier to respond to the steam and moisture. Therefore, the occurrence of false alarms may also be the old alarm needs to be replaced out.

3. Usually,smoke alarms can not respond to cigarette smoke , unless  many smokers smoke in the same room could lead to an alarm. If the alarm is too old , even very low concentrations of smoke will trig it. So  we can also be used to judge whether the alarm has been aging .

4. When the battery is running out will be issued chirp sound approximately every one minute ( the sound interval of different models will be different, but all have low battery warning function ) , someone will think this is a false alarm. But this difference is easy to distinguish, because it is issued in a single, short sound , and about once every minute that the sound will be issued . If your alarm is intermittently emit such a voice , you can replace the battery to see if that resolves the problem .

5. If the alarm sounds continuously alarm , then the alarm may be too much dust in the plot , which consider replacing the alarm or for the clean up . Clean the alarm near the end of opening by vacuuming so that the dust accumulated on the alarm can be completely removed.

( 3 ) Are smoke alarms useful?

As users of the smoke alarm increasing, residential fire deaths are declining . The National Fire Protection Association reports that the number of installed recommended residential smoke alarms in the event of fire, house staff has the opportunity to escape the house is 50% more than not installed house.

( 4) Average number of home smoke alarms need to be installed

The average family will need to install at least more than one set of smoke alarms. Specific number determined by two factors: Residential layers and the number of bedrooms. For new homes , every bedroom need to installed a smoke alarm . Outside the bedroom where can be heard through the door need to install an alarm . Residential install at least one for each layer. In each bedroom mounted an alarm is necessary. There are a lot of fires occurred in the bedroom , and if the fire alarm near the fire, then the more you can play a role. The purpose of install smoke alarms outside the bedroom is to remind those who sleep there was a fire outside the bedroom . If bedrooms are located at different locations in the house , then in different places should be installed smoke alarms .If residential , it can be installed on a different floor than one smoke alarm . Smoke alarm fire discovered by smoke from the fire closer, will be able to more quickly respond. Therefore, install more smoke alarms will increase your sense of security.

(5 ) Which smoke alarms better?

Each alarm has reached the testing standards , but they each have their own strengths. Ion alarm tiny smoke particles on induction faster. Open flames ( such as the burning of the newspaper ) and fast burning flames , the smoke of tiny particles in the air more than the ion alarm annunciator first photoelectric alarms . The photoelectric smoke alarm on the larger particles induced rapid , smoldering ( such as cigarette ignited the sofa ) , when larger smoke particles in the air will be trigged more quickly than ion smoke alarm. Both alarm interval is not very long, but a lot of fire spread very fast , so the time is crucial for saving lives.

( 6 ) How can I detect smoke detector?

Each smoke alarm out later on in the production of safety have a test button . Manufacturers suggest that you always test your own alarm, at least once a month.