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How to test a Fire Alarm System

May 10, 2019
1.Press the test button to check the power supply.
For some alarms, this may be as simple as pressing and holding a button on the device hood.For others, you may need to unscrew the device from a wall or ceiling and press a button on the back of the device.If the alarm sounds, the device has enough power.If not, you may need to replace the device's battery, or for a hard wire detector, replace the wire attached to the wall.

Before you complete the test, leave the alarm clock and see how loud it sounds.If you can't hear the siren in the next room, it may not be loud enough to keep you safe.

For modern devices, the test power will also test the particle and smoke sensors, making further testing unnecessary.

2.Spray aerosel to check the partical sensors.
Go to a home improvement or hardware store and buy a can of spray labeled "smoke test" or something like that.Follow the instructions on the jar and spray the aerosol close enough to the smoke detector to catch the particles.If the alarm doesn't go off, your detector's particle sensors may failAt the end of the test, a handheld vacuum cleaner is used to extract the remaining aerosol particles from the air near the detector.Then, if it is still dirty, clean the equipment with a soft cloth or brush.

3.Check the smoke sensor for light matching.
Hold two or three matches in your hand and when you're under the smoke detector, scratch them off.Blow them out immediately and let the smoke rise to the detector.Smoke should trigger the device's smoke detector and trigger the alarm.If it is not activated, your probe will not work properly.Be careful not to burn your hand when you hold the matches.After the test, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to suck up the smoke.If the detector is dirty, clean it with a brush or a soft cloth.

4.Reset the alarm after each test.

After each check, you can press and hold the test button for about 15 seconds to turn off the alarm.This resets the device and allows you to continue with other tests