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how to put security alarm system on wifi

Sep 27, 2017

How to put security alarm system on wifi

Today we will introduce how to setup aecurity alarm system with wifi. we will take W20 security alarm system for example. Just follow us, it is easy to operate.

1.Download and installation APP

Search the keywords smart alarm HEYI and download the APP, install and register.

Support both IOS and Android smart Phone.

smart alarm heyi app.png

2. Add device

Click the "Add device" button of APP, Press host enroll button for 3s, when the light turn to purple. Please make sure input the right WIFI password (support WIFI 2.4G only)

w20 security alarm wifi button.png


3. DIY smart home

 After you add the device sucessfully, you can check the device list there. and start your smart life.

 DIY by yourself ,how fun it is.


WIFI setup.jpg

WIFI setup.jpg