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How to make your own security system

Oct 06, 2017

      With the progress of the society, people's living standard has been gradually improved, and the importance of family property and household safety is increasing.

In society in the process of commercialization, due to the transformation of social system and bring some unstable factors in enhancing people's demand for home burglar alarm, the popularization of science and technology progress, make originally the noble and mysterious burglar alarm began to into ordinary families.

How to make your own security sysytem of functional, practical and price home use burglar alarm for your family?

1.The basic components of burglar alarms are the household burglar alarms, which are usually made up of alarm hosts, various defense probes, and user operating parts (keyboards, remote controls, etc.).

It can be divided into three parts: the detection part, the on-site processing part and the subsequent processing part.

Defense probe types of main door magnetic, passive infrared detectors, active infrared detectors, emergency button, smoke/fire alarm detector, combustible gas detector, etc, these parts constitute the alarm detection part, with the audio alarm and automatically dial the preset telephone voice alarm function of alarm host and phone lines, dedicated data line constitutes the scene the processing parts and subsequent processing.

2.Product selection

 from the point of the alarm installation, the product can be divided into two forms of cable and wireless, cable way is reliable in communication, strong anti-interference ability, low cost advantages, can apply to new and reserved connections within the walls of buildings.

Its main drawback is that the mobility is poor, the inconveniences adapt to the user and the product's changeful requirement, it is a very difficult thing to install the construction in the already decorated room.

Wireless way can avoid connecting between the probe and the host of indoor decoration, possesses the advantages of flexible, simple, its main drawback is vulnerable to external electromagnetic interference and device cost relatively higher shortcomings.

3.The function of alarm,

 the product can be divided into field alarm and smart phones alarm these two, the alarm is when stolen situation occurs, the probe will detect the signal to the host, the host received a signal after the audio alarm, in order to achieve the purpose of deterring thieves.

Smart phones alarm besides has the alarm function, at the same time, the host also can automatically dials the phone number of the user preset, after dialing instructions can play users to register the jing of the touch location of voice, and listening to the voice of the scene by telephone.

Using the function of the host, it can easily form a network alarm system with the security or 110 alarm center.

The family burglar alarm should be considered in combination with the home area, architectural features, surrounding environment, and family composition.

4.Price of products

With the rapid development of semiconductor electronic components and technology, today's home alarm system both in production technology, product quality stability, etc., compared with the previous products have greatly improved, and falling prices is larger, the original thousands of yuan a set of alarm system, now the price has fallen to nearly one thousand yuan or even hundreds of yuan.

All these have created favorable conditions for the popularity of household alarms, and have made the original noble and mysterious burglar alarm system into the ordinary people's family.

Choose a secure home alarm system


The household burglar alarm products produced by the regular manufacturers should be chosen because these products are strictly inspected by the national inspection and relevant departments, so the quality of products is guaranteed.

A qualified electronic burglar alarm should have at least the following certificates:

The safety and police electronic product quality inspection center of the ministry of public security inspection certificate

Chinese national compulsory product CCC certificate

When choosing a purchase, the user must check whether the product has passed the two certifications, or the product is unqualified