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how to make homemade security alarm

Mar 04, 2019

How to Make Homemade Security Alarm

With the improvement of the living standard of home users, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the family security, and the demands of alarm equipment becomes more and mor. Once a stranger broke into the monitoring range, the equipment can inform the "owner" at the right time.

And we have to say, more and more residents are likely to make a security alarm by themselves. It is interesting thing and also saves money.

HY-W20, with simple design and easy to install, is definitely your best choice. Here we would like to share with you some attentions during installing the alarm system.

  1. the position of the panel. It's better to install the W20 panel on the central of your home.

  2. the position and height of detectors. Please follow the instruction in the user manual.

  3. if needed, suggest to install a camera in front of your house.