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How to Install And Use Infrared Alarm Correctly

Jun 06, 2018

How to Install And Use Infrared Alarm Correctly

With the improvement of the living standards of home users, more and more consumers are paying attention to home security, and the use of infrared alarm equipment is very large. Once strangers break into the monitoring range, the equipment can inform the “owner” at the first time.

Infrared alarms are a type of detector that is most commonly used in security engineering. However, for its normal use, it is necessary to prevent omissions, but also reduce false positives, mainly to minimize false positives. To achieve this, we must first understand some of the basic concepts and technical characteristics of passive infrared alarm, so that in accordance with these basic technical characteristics, from the installation, debugging, use and other aspects, in accordance with the basic technical characteristics of the alarm, In order to maximize the effectiveness of the alarm.

First of all, we must understand the following information and it will be of great help to the proper use of infrared detectors.

1, according to the instructions to determine the installation height

The installation height of the alarm is not arbitrary, and it will directly affect the sensitivity of the alarm and the effect of preventing animals. Generally, the installation height of the wall-mounted infrared alarm is 2.0-2.2 meters.

2, should not face the glass doors and windows

There are two problems facing the glass doors and windows: First, the white light interference, although the passive infrared alarm (PIR) has a strong suppression of white light, but after all, is not 100% inhibition, do not face the glass doors and windows, you can avoid strong light The second is to avoid complex environmental disturbances outside the doors and windows, such as direct sunlight, crowds, and mobile vehicles.

3, should not be on the hot and cold vents or cold and heat sources

Passive infrared alarm sensor is closely related to the temperature changes, hot and cold air vents and cold and heat sources may cause false alarm detectors, and for some low-performance alarms, sometimes through the windows and doors will also be air convection Caused false positives.

4, should not be facing large swingable objects

A large swing of a large object can momentarily cause a sudden change in the airflow in the detection area, which may also cause false alarms; for example, outdoor alarms must avoid large trees and tall shrubs.

5, a reasonable position

There should be no screens, furniture, large bonsai or other partitions within the scope of detection; it is best not to install two wireless infrared detectors in the same space to avoid the phenomenon of interference due to simultaneous triggering; infrared detectors should be The indoor walking line is at a certain angle. The alarm is the least sensitive to the radial movement response, and is most sensitive to the tangential movement (ie, the direction perpendicular to the radius). Selecting an appropriate installation location on site is an extremely important step to avoid false alarms for infrared detectors and to obtain the best detection sensitivity.

6, a reasonable type

Passive infrared alarms have a variety of models, from indoor to outdoor, from wired to wireless, from single infrared to three infrared, from wall-mounted to ceiling-mounted, then the alarm must be installed to consider the size of the space , the surrounding environment, the characteristics of the entrance and exit and other actual conditions.

After installing the alarm, the commissioning alarm is the last thing to do. Passive infrared alarm debugging is generally a step test, that is, the commissioning personnel in the warning zone to walk S-type lines to detect the length and width of the alert range to test the entire alarm system to meet the requirements. The instructions can be consulted to properly adjust the alarm sensitivity. Too high and low sensitivity will affect the prevention effect.

Understand the principle of infrared alarm, installation steps, we can guarantee its normal use, prevent missed reports, reduce false positives, infrared alarm is a very practical home detection equipment, it can effectively monitor the human body temperature and then alarm, anti- Suddenly, the danger is eliminated in the cradle.