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How to Improve and Build Home Security

Nov 23, 2018

How to Improve and Build Home Security

With the rapid development of economy and the increasing frequency of population movement, the problem of social security is facing a new test. Faced with the theft technology of "keeping pace with The Times", people choose intelligent alarm to act as the first line of defense of family security one after another in order to ensure the safety of people and property. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of home life, prevent accidents, people also need to establish a set of monitoring, alarm in one, belongs to the personal family safety protection system. As a leading brand in the security industry, HEYI security has been committed to creating smart home security solutions, and has developed an indoor burglar alarm, which is well received by the majority of users and unanimous praise.

How to improve and build home security? Through high-tech equipment, early detection of dangerous situations can avoid accidents and minimize injuries. Therefore, intelligent security equipment is urgently needed. Based on the actual situation, smoke sensor, gas leak detector, intelligent door magnetic sensor and other sensors can effectively realize the early detection and early prevention of fire risk, gas leakage, invasion of outsiders.

At present, kerui security has launched a series of intelligent security products through technological innovation. In the smart home, the application of intelligent security is mainly reflected in three aspects: monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm:

Home Monitoring

A common device is the camera, which is used to monitor the situation at home in real time. Users can check the changes at home anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones. In addition to remote viewing, intelligent camera also has the human body movement detection alarm, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, high-definition playback and other functions.

Fire Protection

This kind of equipment is mainly used for home fire prevention and explosion prevention, commonly used equipment has smoke sensor, gas leakage detector, etc., they will send an alarm when the smoke or gas to a certain concentration, or automatically cut off the power supply, so as to avoid fire, rather than let the user know after the accident.


Anti-theft devices include human activities and door switch induction equipment, such as infrared intrusion detector magnetic, smart door locks, door, etc., these devices in the condition of system security, can be induced to someone inside, doors and Windows open and then to call the police, and the abnormal situation in a timely manner will be induction transferred to user's phone, achieve the purpose of protect family and property.

Interior burglar alarm is a suitable for families, small range of wireless security products such as shops, the infrared detector and alarm host with the method of wireless transmission, when host USES, in their case, the subordinate parts is triggered, the opportunity to immediately issued a high loudness of voice alarm, warning lights flashing at the same time the original red lights, deter illegal invaders; When the alarm is used, when the host alarm, send wireless to the alarm, alarm immediately sounded siren, alarm is removed, immediately to the host signal, prompt the user alarm is removed.

The acoustooptic alarm equipment is connected to the alarm host, wireless remote control and infrared detection equipment for use. Put a safety lock on your home for your trip. At that time, indoor burglar alarm will play a more important role in people's life, become an indispensable part, to provide people with meticulous care.

The release of the smart alarm kit, not only bring you the advanced intelligent security technology, let household life inside and outside of the safe, fully open, let household life journey, in the work, can learn the movements of the home at any time, eliminate dangerous, don't have to worry about parents and their children's safety, and sure enough, the use of interior burglar alarm, is the most. Your home, from today on, trust them to guard it!