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How to Deal with The Burglary Incident, Home Security Guards Don't Worry

Jul 26, 2018

How to Deal with The Burglary Incident

Home Security Guards Don't Worry

Summer is also the peak season for thieves, and news of pilferage is frequently reported. It reflects that the burglar alarm is a security guard to protect the family security. It should not be used carelessly.

At about 19:00 on March 9, 2018, Ms. Xu, the receiver of the police station of miaozidian branch of tongzhou public security bureau, reported to the police that she found that her belongings had been turned over after coming home from work, but she did not lose her valuables and might be burgled.

After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to carry out the work. It is not the first time ms xu's home has been stolen. Since December 2017, the house has been visited four times by burglars, each time stealing from his own home during the day when no one was present.

One day in early January this year, Ms. Xu's home was stolen for the third time, with thieves stealing 500 yuan of cash stored in her closet. Policeman asked ms xu in found stolen for the first time why don't you call the police, said ms xu because her husband has been out on a business trip recently, only oneself live, in the home for the first time in found stolen, in line with the poorer escape the psychological, Ms. Xu didn't call the police, but look for a person to the courtyard wall base is high, in the hope of the thieves can retreat, never want to thief momentum more and more arrogant, and in the months after "visit" three times, ms xu this just call the police for help.

The civil police took video monitoring for investigation and visited the surrounding villagers. The surveillance showed that at about 13pm on March 9, a man stopped in front of Ms. Xu's house for a moment and then disappeared. 15 minutes later, the man reappeared at the door in a suspicious appearance.

By looking at the man's path, the police were able to locate his features. Ms. Xu recognized the person at first sight as a relative of her. Police arrested xu at his home on the night of March 12. After interrogation, xu admitted that over the wall had entered Ms. Xu's home four times in a row to steal the crime. It is understood that the suspect and Ms. Xu are related, and the two families often have a good relationship on weekdays. They know very well about Ms. Xu's family situation.

Theft is a very common crime in life. Therefore, the role of anti-theft equipment is self-evident. The development of science and technology has made a qualitative leap in people's living standards. The appearance of security device helps people to solve the problem of daily security.

HEYI security guard teaches you how to prevent pilferage: besides door and window close firmly, the door wants to turn over lock outside, what small trick does family prevent pilferage still have? Infrared detectors are installed in the bedroom, and the infrared detection device can detect the abnormal movement of the home within 24 hours. It works synchronously with the camera.

On the door, we usually install door magnet. When the thief opens the lock, breaks the lock and breaks the door, the door magnet will sense the alarm.

A surveillance camera is set up in the activity area of the home to let the owner clearly understand the situation of the home. The burglar alarm system has the function of one-key protection to connect to the property security room. Monitoring no dead ends to ensure the safety of users' lives.

HEYI security has been focusing on the field of smart home and smart security for many years. When developing high-quality alarm system, it can let the alarm system protect everyone. During the high incidence of burglary in summer, install a burglar alarm to ensure your family's personal and property safety. Wireless life, unlimited security.