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How to choose home burglar alarm / GSM alarm system

Jul 05, 2019

How to choose home burglar alarm / GSM alarm system

In recent years, as people's awareness of anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm system products continue to appear in people's vision. With expensive video surveillance wireless alarm systems, burglar alarm products in terms of price or seemingly in operation are easier to grasp, so many home users are beginning fancied home alarm system. Spend hundreds of dollars to more than a hundred dollars, buy a home burglar alarm placement, seems little sesame fart bigger thing. However, if you are a business user buy burglar alarm products, I am afraid it is not the case a child.


For some businesses, safe house seems to be the logical thing, some confidential corporate documents, financial statements are required for safekeeping. Although it can be used on the entire office area inside burglar alarm products are not many places, but still need to be cautious before you buy, we can not spend money to buy neither seen (to be honest, even always felt alarm, detectors/wireless sensors kind of stuff did not look good) and useless things to tell against themselves, right?

Since I can not follow the idea of buying home alarm burglar alarm companies to purchase products, then the business users purchase should pay attention to what went wrong? Let us look at purchasing burglar alarm should be noted product quality.

Product quality is not representative of product features, users can understand the product's features before purchase, but for quality, we often need to go through long-term use can be tested. For most users, right burglar alarm products is still relatively unknown, then how can we ensure quality and reliable products to buy it? External point of view, we can see from the following three aspects preliminary judgments:

(1) product legitimacy. Whether the product has been approved and issued by the national police department production license, whether through the national compulsory 3C certification. Note that, 3C mark is not quality mark, but only one of the most basic safety certification, which represents some of the indicators of safety and quality of products qualified, but it does not mean that the product performance is also excellent.

(2) whether the product manufacturer information. High quality products must have the advanced software and hardware technology, with advanced technology and sophisticated production and testing equipment, so as to ensure the stability and reliability. Currently, the burglar alarm products is still a problem of false positives allows users to headache, branded products Shangqie encounter such a problem, we can imagine once encountered inferior products bombing we feel then.

Many burglar alarm products currently on the market have no place of origin, name and address, telephone number and other relevant information on manufacturers, such products are often difficult to have quality assurance, such as the purchase of such products to use, once a user no way to investigate the problem.

(3) Quality assurance provisions. Product quality warranty from the manufacturer to some extent reflects the strength and quality of such Returns commitment, and length of the warranty period. Usually the more protection, product quality is relatively more reliable. Just think, if a manufacturer dared to provide unconditional return money back guarantee, you will worry about its product quality problems do?