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How to choose a home burglar alarm?

Oct 26, 2018
  1. The basic structure of the home burglar alarm - the home burglar alarm is usually composed of an alarm host, various types of defensive probes, and user operating components (keyboard, remote control, etc.). It can be divided into three parts from the function: the detection part, the on-site processing part, and the subsequent processing part. The types of defense probes mainly include door magnets, passive infrared detectors, active infrared detectors, emergency buttons, smoke/fire detectors, flammable gas probes, etc. These components form the detector part of the alarm, and have live audio alarms and The alarm host and the telephone line and the dedicated data line that automatically dial the preset telephone voice alarm function constitute the on-site processing part and the subsequent processing part. 2/6 Product selection--From the perspective of alarm installation, the product can be divided into two types: wired and wireless. The wired method has the advantages of reliable communication, strong anti-interference ability and low device cost. It is suitable for new construction. A building where cables can be reserved in the wall. The main disadvantages are poor maneuverability and inconvenience to adapt to the changing requirements of users and products. It is very difficult to install and construct in a renovated room. The wireless method can avoid the connection between the probe and the host to destroy the interior decoration, and has the advantages of flexibility and simplicity. The main disadvantages are the disadvantages of being susceptible to external electromagnetic waves and relatively high device cost. 3/6 From the function of the alarm, the product can be divided into two types: on-site alarm and smart phone alarm. The on-site alarm is when the thief happens, the probe transmits the detected signal to the host, and the host receives the signal. An audio alarm sounds on the spot to deter thieves. In addition to the function of on-site alarm, the smart phone alarm can also automatically dial the preset phone number of the user. After dialing, the user can pre-record the voice of the user's pre-recorded location, and can monitor the incident by phone. The sound of the scene. With this function of the host, it is easy to form a networked alarm system with the community security or 110 alarm center. The choice of home burglar alarm should be considered in combination with multiple factors such as home area, building structure characteristics, surrounding environment, and family composition. The price of 4/6 products With the rapid development of semiconductor electronic component technology, today's home alarms have a lot compared with the products of previous years, both in terms of production process and product quality stability. The increase, and the price has also dropped significantly. The original alarm system of several thousand yuan has now fallen to nearly a thousand yuan or even a few hundred yuan. All of these have created favorable conditions for the popularization of home alarms, and also made the original noble and mysterious burglar alarm system into the ordinary people's family. (Specific model / price, please see the product information of this site). 5/6 Buying a safe home alarm system To purchase home burglar alarm products produced by regular manufacturers, these products have passed the national inspection and strict inspection by relevant departments, so the product quality is guaranteed. 6. Please pay attention to the national CCC certification, you can directly query the Internet. Personally think that choosing a home burglar alarm should be decided according to the type and structure of your home. In this case, it will not be so troublesome!