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How To Bypass A Zone On Home Alarm System

Jun 12, 2018

How To Bypass A Zone On Home Alarm System

Bypassing a zone on most home alarm systems is remarkably easy – thanks to the fact that most of the reputable equipment manufacturers follow the same (or very similar) conventions to reduce the incidence of false alarms. And you will find that the alarm companies with the best reputations are the very same companies – not surprisingly – that provide the most intuitive wireless alarm equipment in the home security industry. One of the benefits of a simpler user interface is the ease with which you can perform basic functions in a short time – and undo them later, just as easily.

Take HY-518 alarm system for example:

You can see the "bypass" button on the front keyboard.

directives: input [user password][zone no.][bypass]

example: bypass Zone No.05

Operation steps: input 88888805, and then press bypass button. (default user password 888888)

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