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How does smart security penetrate the city traffic?

Dec 19, 2019

How does smart security penetrate the city traffic?

With the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology, and information technology, the scope covered by security surveillance is becoming larger and larger, and it is infiltrating and expanding with many new technology-intensive areas such as IT and ITS. Traffic monitoring is an important part of the intelligent traffic information collection system.

Traffic monitoring is important to strengthen safety precautions and traffic management. At present, video surveillance systems for urban main roads and intersections and highway video surveillance systems for cities to cities are relatively mature. Among them, the urban road monitoring system includes urban security checkpoint systems that assist public security agencies in detecting cases and prevent the vehicles and people from escaping; electronic police systems for capturing illegal vehicles. The core of these systems lies in intelligent visual analysis technology.

As the market potential of China ’s smart transportation is being continuously tapped, the demand for security products and equipment for smart transportation will continue to grow with the continued development of smart transportation.