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How Does Property Management Fit into the Security System

Jun 28, 2018

How Does Property Management Fit into the Security System

For a long time, the property management industry as an important composition of residents community services, whether the owner or national level are concerned, with the wide application of Internet and new technology transformation and upgrading of traditional property management gradually to the modern service industry, and science and technology, intelligent, industry cross-border integration trend obviously, especially the rise of intelligent community, property management also gradually explore new model of development to upsurge.


At present, there are many problems in property management, such as service level, lagging model, long response time and poor user feedback. And how to make the high quality of community construction and service, to solve the problems existing in the current property management, property companies themselves, the Internet companies participating in the intelligence community construction on topics of mutual interest. Property of the company's core business is management operations, so improve the management and service level, increase the resident service experience is focus on property development, and with the help of the Internet of things, a wave of rapid development of artificial intelligence, build wisdom safe new community life environment, can let the community gets distillation operation, will bring unprecedented change property company.

Property company, the district manager, the security system in use, the residential area is more than just a consumer, more act as the role of management, operations, property company needed a security to improve the efficiency of management and service quality. At the same time, the management of security equipment and facilities is one of the core contents of real estate and property management. The quality of management directly affects the life of residents and affects the value expression of community and house. Property is a typical labor-intensive industry, and now the number of devices has doubled, complexity and operational maintenance have increased accordingly. These problems lead to the failure of maintenance mode and preventive management of equipment and facilities to be implemented effectively.

With the help of the equipment management of content LianWangHua will break the space constraints, scattered in remote real-time monitoring management of equipment for the purpose, means, such as equipment failure can be found that through mobile phone text messages will demand timely notify the maintenance personnel, to achieve the goal of reducing maintenance personnel to reduce manpower cost. Real-time monitoring system and the equipment running status, relevant data recording and processing, automatic detection and sent back to the repair order, reduce the frequency of personnel to the site inspections, so as to improve the reliability and safety of the equipment operation. Realize automatic inspection regularly, timely detection equipment, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and according to the requirements of the system maintenance temporary sent to point of failure, so as to realize the sharing of maintenance personnel, the number of inspection and quality are different degrees of optimization.

In addition, mobile Internet, Internet of things and cloud computing technology will layout in community and family including the intelligent buildings, intelligent door locks, smart sensors and other security equipment come against the system through the Internet cloud platform composed of docking area alarm and real-time link the user mobile phone platform, implement multiple functions such as security, Internet, and management of police. For example, the convenience of access management is realized by using intelligent door locks, which solves to a great extent the problem that residents are generally troubled by the security and use experience of traditional door locks. First, users can open doors with a fingerprint, password, or cell phone without a key. Seemingly simple change actually solved a series of problems, users don't have to take the key to travel at any time has brought great convenience, avoided due to forget to take the key window take key accident risk, and so on security issues. Users can also keep track of the lock status and check the door opening record at any time through the mobile app. Once encounter illegal locks illegal open the door, the door will automatically alert at the same time will be pushed to the user in the phone app, and property management personnel by p cloud platform for alarm information, and use the p cloud system of mapping function of real accurate user, household number and date of building house bugle call location information, for the first time arrived at the scene to deal with danger.

At the same time with the aid of community and family security alarm service, also can help property management personnel manage family fire hazards, energy leakage accident, old and young nursing safety problems, such as resident health data access, after analyzed using can provide convenient health, pension services. Relying on the living data obtained from smart home, it generates a virtuous cycle between users and products and generates more services.

In addition, property companies can also provide convenient services for the community, information release, advertising push, commercial O2O and other services that are conducive to the life of users, and add functions that traditional property does not have. Fully with the aid of the Internet of things technology, intelligent security as the core, the household, community, property management, community services such as integrated with an efficient information system, realize the property management network, intelligent, formed based on mass information intelligent processing of a kind of new management pattern of community, community residents to provide a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient living environment.