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How Does GSM Alarm System Work

Oct 23, 2018

How Does GSM Alarm System Work

The GSM alarm system is based on the second-generation mobile communication technology and adopts the high-performance GSM industrial module, which can automatically dial the preset call and send short messages between China and Britain in case of alarm. The alarm and defense area can be identified by text message content; Can be remotely installed/removed/monitored on site; Applicable to homes, shops, companies, factories and other places.

GSM alarm system is an alarm system that operating through GSM (global system for mobile communications) network; not requiring a telephone line. Simply insert a SIM card and push the battery switch to ON, it will work by the mobile network. When the system detect intrusion, fire, or any other emergency, the sensors (eg. door sensor) or accessories (eg. panic button) will trigger the alarm, and the GSM alarm will immediately auto dial one of five numbers which is pre-stored in the alarm, or send a short message. The alarm will phone each number until a response is issued to stop the alarm.

The main advantage of gsm alarm over the general fixed phone alarm is that the owner can always obtain information about the current state of the place protected, even when he is in another city or country, by calling or sending SMS query to the number of SIM card. Furthermore, in the case of burglar entering the premises and cutting the telephone line, the GSM alarm would not be affected and still work as it does not require the use of a fixed phone line. So this security alarm is ideal for the place where no fixed phone line or hard to get one. It is easy to install ans use, even can be handled by a person not having any knowledge of security system.

HEYI GSM alarm system using industrial wireless mobile communication network and related digital processing technology, has been gradually used in technical security domain, widely used in household, commercial and residential property, electricity, transportation, oil, coal, railway, municipal, public security departments of industry security devices, data monitoring and remote monitoring system, and so on. It USES the GSM wireless mobile communication network short information data transmission mode platform, truly realizes the ultra-remote convenient and flexible wireless alarm processing and control, solves the limitation of wired data transmission mode alarm of fixed telephone or wired broadband network, and truly achieves all-wireless alarm.