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How Do I Know What GSM Alarm System Is Best For Me

Jul 19, 2019

How Do I Know What GSM Alarm System Is Best For Me

GSM alarm systems are slowly becoming the standard for most home alarm companies. GSM monitoring provides a wireless and extremely reliable method of home monitoring. Cellular service is providing in well over 95% of populated land in the United States making it accessible to almost anyone.

Of course, if you live in an extremely rural area where landline service is the only thing available you may have to wait a little longer to switch to cellular, but this is extremely rare and in most cases the alarm company can find a solution.

The main advantages to cellular are not having your phone line cut, remote access and of course more peace of mind. GSM alarm systems are not like your traditional cell phone or smart phone which use voice signals. This is the little picture of “cellular bars” at the top of your phone’s screen. These bars reflect the voice signal that your phone is receiving. All cellular alarm system use data signals instead of voice signals.

As we all know a cell phone can cut in and out of service as you go about your daily routine. This may conjure the idea that cellular is not reliable at all. However, your alarm system does not travel with you and if you have cellular signal at your home with your newalarm system the first day it is installed you will always have signal – barring any major weather events etc.

Finding the best GSM alarm system for you comes down to two main factors, availability and price. First you need to make sure the company offering GSM cellular alarm monitoring is able to get a signal in your area. You can usually find out where certain companies offer service by giving them a call. The second factor is price. The costs of cellular service are already built in to the monthly fees for alarm companies but some advertise higher pricing than others for nearly identical service. This often means they cut you a break on the up-front price in exchange for a little higher monthly fee. In the end it usually works out to be about the same across the board over the course of several years but if you’re smart and do your research you can get a great GSM alarm system for a great price.