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Home Wireless Burglar Alarm W20; Effectively Protect Home Safety

Jun 13, 2018

Home Wireless Burglar Alarm W20

-- Effectively Protect Home Safety

With the development of mobile Internet and cloud computing, smart communities have moved from their visions to reality. However, no matter how advanced the technology is, "security" is always the core proposition of community residents' lives. As a provider of home security solutions, Enron Security, launched a wireless burglar alarm system for home use, allowing residents to use smartphones to arm and monitor security status in real time, allowing properties to protect tenants in real time, thus creating a secure remote protection for tenants.

The accident came from paralysis and security came to alert. For the sake of prevention, more and more families began to consciously install security products, including anti-theft, fire prevention, smoke, gas and other monitoring equipment, to protect their families and homes.

However, many traditional security equipment installation and wiring are complicated and can only achieve indoor alarms. There is no communication with the owner or the property system. Once there is no one at home, the danger can not be effectively notified. The home wireless burglar alarm is based on the leading Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud technology. One end can be connected to various monitoring and alarm devices such as burglarproof, fireproof, and gasproof at home, through home WiFi or GSM network, and the other end is wirelessly connected to the property management center. And the owner’s smartphone, so that the entire home security system is connected with the outside world. Once there is a security issue in the home or an alarm system alarm, all information will be wirelessly uploaded to the cloud, reminding the residents on the APP and reminding the property company in the property management system. Facilitate the first time to respond positively.

For the safety of the elderly and children at home, many people began to install monitoring or alarm systems at home. However, what kind of products are suitable for popular taste? Today, we recommend a home wireless burglar alarm W20 for you to solve your concerns.

First of all, we introduce a powerful, stylish, affordable home burglar alarm W20, WIFI∕ GSM dual-network protection, more secure; support for use with network cameras, APP can monitor remote video; support for the prosecutor function. As a security system, it is trustworthy, multiple protection, and many aspects of the user may be encountered in the security and security problems.

It uses infrared human sensing to detect intrusion and realize anti-theft alarm function. The host uses a SIM card that supports the GSM network. If there is a warning, dial the alarm according to the phone number or phone number set by the customer. It is an important device for preventing accidents such as theft, robbery and fire. In the event of an emergency, the owner can be promptly notified by telephone to facilitate the rapid adoption of emergency measures to prevent accidents or the expansion of disasters.

There is indeed an indispensable place in the family security of modern life. When we are away from home, we often need a video security device standing in the home, when the home emergencies, get a message sent to the user's mobile phone, to facilitate the user's timely processing.

As a provider of home security solutions, Engraving Security not only builds a one-stop security management service system through door magnetic detectors, infrared detectors and other products, but also penetrates into the community through wireless burglar alarms. Among households, the home security service not only stays outside the home, but also helps the user to improve the security efficiency through every living scenario and provide real-time security protection for users.

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