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Home Wireless Alarm to Eliminate the Risk of Burglary, Weave Safety Nets for Users

Jun 11, 2018

Home Wireless Alarm to Eliminate the Risk of Burglary

Weave Safety Nets for Users

In recent years, with the development of smart homes, home security has become a new consumer hot spot. Home security is not only a product, but also a new lifestyle. Anti-theft security is the primary task to be considered in family life. Although there are not many home wireless alarms that really come in handy, its existence is like an invisible safety net.

As a kind of active defensive tool, the home wireless alarm is predictive and can prevent many accidents, such as door and window burglary, fire, gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., protecting people's lives, property and home environment. We bring a lot of genuine security.

The thief now knows that the door is difficult to open, so he starts from the window channel. Therefore, home windows and doors may be robbers at any time. At present, many people have installed door and window detectors at home. So it is closely related to people's lives.

Different door and window detectors have different effects and are also suitable for different places. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your own situation. If you are at home, you only need to select a simple alarm device. If you go out for a long time and don’t feel at ease in your home, you can install a home wireless alarm and notify others when you receive the signal.

Some household door and window detectors are simple. When installing, only one of them is installed on the window and some of them are mounted on the wall. In normal times, the two are interlocking. When any window moves, the alarm is The device will emit a harsh alarm sound to remind the occupants of intrusion, but also warned intruders have been found, to drive away the intruder.

According to HIS' statistics on the global security market, the global security market has maintained a nearly double-digit growth rate for several years, and along with the development of the Internet of Things, it has entered the daily life with many characteristics such as security, convenience, and intelligence. Visiting friends and relatives, traveling, safety precautions should not be relaxed, do not want to leave the criminals a desolate opportunity, the family security war raised the alarm.

From the security point of view, home wireless alarm can achieve the level of home security alarm point of defense, and the use of logical judgments to avoid false alarm system; can use the remote control system to arm, disarm, once the alarm, the system automatically confirms the alarm Information, status and location.

1, alarm and linkage function

By installing door magnets and window magnets to prevent illegal intrusion, the owner can get a signal through the alarm controller installed in the resident's room, and quickly handle the alarm. At the same time, indoor lighting can be turned on automatically, and siren can be activated.

2, emergency help function

The alarm controller installed indoors has an emergency call function, and external persons can respond to and respond to emergency response signals from residents.

3, arm/disarm linkage control

When the owner starts the security system before going out, the system can switch off the power of certain household appliances, for example, turning off all lights and turning off the outlet power of household appliances such as irons, kettles, and televisions; Can be adjusted to normal, enter the disarm mode at home, some lights automatically open, indoor smoke detectors and combustible gas detectors in the kitchen also start the alarm mode.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of anti-theft prevention has gradually increased. The idea of “seeking people better than seeking their own” is becoming stronger and stronger. How to simply and conveniently achieve family theft prevention is the key to choosing a suitable anti-theft alarm device. Opinion friends may wish to look at home wireless alarm.

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