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Home WIFI Alarm System, Effectively Prevent Burglary

Jul 06, 2018

Home WIFI Alarm System, Effectively Prevent Burglary

As summer temperature rises ceaselessly, people often open the door of the door of the door of the home ventilated, love to go out again cool, think time is short, close to home, guard against theft easy lax to the home. HEYI security reminds you to keep alert, pay attention to lock the doors and Windows, and install WIFI alarm system to avoid unnecessary loss.

Recently, the civil police of the border police station in zhelin town, raoping county, chaozhou city, received a report from residents that they had been burgled. The civil police of the institute promptly went out to carry out investigation and captured the suspects involved in the crime within one hour, successfully solving two cases, and then digging out another two burglaries.

Early in the morning of June 22, zhelin border police station received a hairpin call from people in the area. Mr Tang said he found his home stolen in the morning and that bank CARDS, identity CARDS and some cash had disappeared. After receiving the police, the institute immediately organized the police to go to the scene to investigate and collect evidence, and found that the owner tang had also stolen cigarettes, gold rings, commemorative badges, tablet computers, etc.

While the police were conducting an inquest on the scene of the crime, the neighbor, a sister li, also reported the theft to the police. The policemen for burglary crime scene two place an inquest, found that the two cases' methods are extremely similar: both stolen family in the old house area, not install surveillance cameras, near the scene found no crime tools and equipment damage, courtyard door lock, the criminal suspect is likely to be directly from the gate to enter.

According to the characteristics of crime, through analysis and judgment, it is very likely that the same suspect did it. The civilian police at the first time to carry out a series of parallel cases, immediately lock the area of the previous period of time there is a criminal burglary ex-released personnel li mou wu as a major suspect. According to the recent visit of the civil police, the person has been in the area recently.

The police then went to the area where li was active to investigate the case. They arrested li at his residence and seized the stolen goods. The police immediately summoned li to the zhelin border police station for an in-depth investigation.

Windows and doors has long been a thief stealing a common channel, in order to avoid the thief invade our through Windows and doors, we have to do a good job in elevated anti-theft we installed above the door magnetic door, installed on the window curtain detector, such as long as someone invasion of doors and Windows in the house, or even someone press the doorbell in the home, head of the household can be received in the first alarm call/SMS notification. Whether you are on a business trip or on a business trip, this tip will help you feel comfortable and engaged in your daily work and life.

WIFI alarm system is installed. When the alarm device is in the working state of the security arrangement, the device will make an alarm sound as soon as a person enters the monitoring area.

Security is important, because one more guard will cost one less. But people are often ignored the home security for all kinds of reasons that a cake of, or holding the fluke mind want to save a cost, or because of abrupt home security equipment affects the overall aesthetics. In the case of the HY-W7, these concerns seem to be misplaced.

It is a wireless encryption communication, anti-jamming, anti cracking, support the function of tamper alarm, families, stores, accounting office, warehouse, have suggested to install the product, creating impregnable security "justice" for you. With it in the home, everything in the home can be seen, no longer worried about the theft.

WIFI alarm system, all-around watching for home. Now, one of the most intelligent and safe products is sold in Alibaba. Are you interested? Action is better than action, hurry to buy a home DIY security alarm.