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Home Security Systems

May 24, 2018

Home security Systems

Home security systems can play an effective role in protecting homes, preventing theft, reducing public property violations, and burglary, and even we can use them to reduce accidents that occur indoors. When someone arrives, the alarm will be issued in time and you can take action to reduce the damage. At present, there are a wide variety of monitoring systems on the market that can fully meet your various needs.

A good home security system is worthy investment. This is not just about spending money on equipment for monitoring, but also on the security of family and property. This shows that for a better and safer life, it is necessary to use home security systems.

The technologies involved in the security system will continue to evolve, but they are all designed to make our life easier and safer. There are many options on the market.

This guide aims to provide a summary of the basic types of home monitoring systems on the market and the factors to be taken into account when purchasing them, so as to know what suits ourselves better.

The types of home monitoring systems on the market

1. Home Alarm System

Alarm systems are the most basic and value-for-money home monitoring systems, the most common of which is burglar alarms. These alarms have a fairly simple but practical function. You need to install sensors and other equipment around the house so that as soon as it senses a motion, it will trigger the alarm. Area alarms, also known as uncontrolled alarms, will sound and temporarily only support voice alerts. If you are at home, an alarm will alert you, or tell you that someone has invaded, so that you can take action. If you are not at home, you can still receive a notification from the alarm host by SMS or phone calling.

The biggest advantage of home alarm systems is that they can not only judge someone's invasion, but also detect gas leaks or other problems that threaten family safety. Additional features of these devices include motion detection and emergency buttons (this is quite convenient for seniors, children, or people with disabilities).

2. Home Video Surveillance System

In addition to home alarms, video surveillance systems (CCTV for short) are also a good choice for home security. This is a typical monitoring system, naturally more complex and detailed than the average system. This requires that you must install a CCTV camera in an important property location or indoors so that you can remotely control it from a central control room or through a smartphone. Video recordings are stored on computer hard drives, USB flash drives, or SD memory cards and can be viewed at any time.

CCTV technology is mainly divided into DVR and NVR. There are subtle technical differences between the two. To be brief, we will say something simple.

The DVR uses an analog camera for monitoring and recording, using a dedicated computer hard drive, which has some advanced features. The latest product is the NVR, which records digital video and allows users to control or enter high-resolution security surveillance cameras (in the LAN of the installation device) anytime, anywhere. Some features of the NVR allow remote control of the system, allowing the lights on the door to light up at a certain time, and even reset some functions (specifically, depending on the type of purchase you have). These monitoring systems can help users fully control the home security situation.

The DVR can also perform LAN and extranet access by setting parameters, diluting the difference between DVR and NVR. New products that have both DVR and NVR capabilities and are popular with the market.

The complexity of video surveillance technology is reflected in its price, but it also comes with product warranty, technical support and product reliability. However, if it is only for the quiet of life, an excellent video surveillance system is often unacceptable at prices, especially when your house is large and there are many scenarios to monitor.

3. The deterrent effect of the simulation camera

The simulation camera looks very much like our camera with common functions, but it does not have the proper function. The magic weapon of the simulation camera is to produce psychological shock. Just to make people see a camera, it can scare off the thieves, and it doesn't know if they can scare the urine. Therefore, some businesses and families will choose simulation cameras to eliminate some destructive factors. But for those sharp-eyed thieves may not achieve any effect, some thieves can see the simulation camera can be identified.

The simulation camera may mislead you into creating a sense of security. Some people can see that only fake cameras are monitoring your house, but you may still think that this camera can keep you safe.

However, the simulation camera also has its own use. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on purchasing a professional surveillance system, but also expect to install a camera to scare off intruders, you can install a spare device indoors, such as a reliable alarm system.

4. How about watch dog?

What about the best friend of human (dog) in protection of property? After all, is this the main reason people keep dogs?

When talking about safety protection, the dog may play a role, and the dog after special training will be a powerful helper in the field of human security.

Just thinking of being swooped by ferocious dogs will stop some potential robbery from happening. Aware of the invasion, the dog will make a loud noise and alertness.

However, when no one is at home, problems arise. Who is going to listen to the dog? The guess is that perhaps the thieves who are ready enough will give the dog a piece of flesh to seduce it. The thieves can easily judge whether or not there is a threat. If a thief visits your home, only your child and dog at home, and will the dog turn to the tenement or local police station for help, and can he describe the thief to the police?

If you just want to rely on the dog to guard your home, then you need to re-think again.

To sum up, burglar alarm systems will play more and more important role in home security. And HY-W20/W7 WiFi & GSM alarm system will be your first choice.

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