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Home Security -- HEYI Smart Housekeeper Guard for You

Jul 19, 2018

Home Security -- HEYI Smart Housekeeper Guard for You

Home is the most important place in our life. In order to have better living experience, we will take all aspects into consideration when the design house, such as decoration materials, furniture, security, the rationality of the spatial planning and so on, but no matter how to design, cannot leave the are safe. Actually speaking of security, the most important is home security. At present, some anti-theft methods are also available, such as the following relatively common anti-theft measures.

1. Security door

Now every household has installed the security door basically, the security door is the first barrier that protects the family security. The security door is equipped with a security lock, which can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions for a certain period of time.

2. Security net

Most families, especially those in the lower floors, will install security nets, which, like security Windows, are welded out of metal and can effectively prevent theft.

Said to the above two measures, is the most common security measures in our daily life, although to a certain extent, have played an important role of guard against theft, but there are many limitations, clever thieves also see the following instead came up with a lot of measures. At this time, if the owner is not at home, burglar doors and Windows are opened, also can not stop the thief at all.

Even far away from home also want to every moment of the dynamic focus on home, let the evil of the thieves nowhere to hide, actually very simple, just in the home to install a HEYI smart home alarm, even if the thief coming, also no longer is a nightmare.

HEYI smart home alarm system, protect your home in all directions, let it not be harmed. When the home is abnormal, the system center will notify the owner in the first time, the host can real-time remote check and confirm the alert, preserve evidence and alarm, timely solve the abnormalities, security guard home success.

Heyi is the intelligent butler of pretend bility. Doors and Windows detectors, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, network cameras, a full set of system, mobile phone APP intelligent control, simple to use convenient, open the omni-directional housekeeping tour immediately.

Outside the home, can also manage well. The network camera equipped by heyi enables you to view the real situation of your home in real time at any time and anywhere. You don't need to worry blindly.

No matter how intelligent the products are, they are most afraid of sudden power failure, but HEYI is not afraid. Heyi has its own 800mAh battery, which can operate for eight hours in case of sudden or malicious power cuts. Even in the case of power cuts, the thieves have nowhere to hide.

HEYI supports WIFI/GSM/GPRS connection, and records the abnormal situation in the backup home in real time. Even if the network is broken down, it can automatically adapt to the other two network modes, and no exception is omitted.

Family security needs to be maintained by everyone in the family. The control right of heyi host can be revoked to other accounts through free distribution of APP. Even if the main account fails to detect the abnormality in the home in time, other family members can find and deal with it in time.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the upgrading speed of intelligent products is also increasing rapidly. Heyi keeps pace with The Times, with its unique firmware upgrade function, it can upgrade the system without repurchasing the latest host, extend and add other accessories, and enjoy the latest functions with one key in real time.