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Home Burglar Alarm System

Sep 05, 2018

Home Burglar Alarm System

The protection of family property safety has always been a topic concerned by people. In order to protect family property, multiple methods and means are often used. The installation of household burglar alarm is one of them. In order to further safeguard property and personal safety, many families will install household anti-theft alarm, now household anti-theft alarm brand full of beautiful things, what brand should consumers choose?

Common sense of choose and buy

1. wireless home burglar alarm is preferred

Why wireless? Before everybody installs burglar alarm, the home is decorated, and the telephone line, network line is in perfect order, buy cable to guard against theft alarm at this time, indoor also not elegant view, once main line is cut off, alarm completely loses effect.

2. must have certain "resistance dozen" ability

Experienced thieves may think you have a burglar alarm in your home, the first is to destroy the alarm. If the alarm in your home "weak wind" lost the meaning, so to choose the alarm can alarm theft alarm.

3. Remote monitoring is very important

It is very important to use a remotely monitored alarm, which is connected to the telephone line or network cable. In case of any abnormal situation, the alarm will inform you immediately, and you can withdraw and place the alarm at any time by phone.

4. set the password

Have a child in the home, should buy the alarm that the password protects a function, the child is naughty, curious, take advantage of you not pay attention to changed the password that set gain is not worth to lose.

5. multiple remote controls are safe

If you have more family members, prepare a few more remote controls. If you lose the remote control, just delete that one and use the others.

Above is household guard against theft alarm which kind of good household guard against theft alarm 5 choose and buy common sense related knowledge introduction. I believe it will bring a very good effect to all of us in practical use and ensure our security work.