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Home Burglar Alarm Installation Workflow

Dec 25, 2019

Home Burglar Alarm Installation Workflow

   1. Preparations before installation

   A. Look at the room type and design the products needed

   B. Field test whether the installation location of each detector can communicate with the host

   C. Tools and parts required for installation

   2.Working procedures during installation

   A. Install the host

   B. Install the detectors one by one, and open one after installation.

   C. If individual detectors cannot communicate with the host, the host installation position should be adjusted

   3. Preparations before acceptance

   A. Check the rationality of the installation

   B. Test whether the entire system can be used normally

   4.After-sales work

   A. After a week of use, the user should do a telephone return visit.

   B. Ask users if they have questions about the function and operation of the product

   C. Ask users if they have comments and suggestions