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Home Alarm System Near Me

Sep 11, 2018

Home Alarm System Near Me

In the Internet era, science and technology develop rapidly, and various excellent smart home products emerge in endlessly. More convenience for home users. With the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, more and more attention has been paid to household security devices.

Currently, the most common single-product devices in the home security system are intelligent locks, home monitoring and intelligent alarms. So which of these three types of products has the highest safety performance and better protection? The comparison can provide some reference for users.

The rapid development of economy is accompanied by the rapid increase of urban floating population, to increase new challenges to the city's public security, to protect the safety of residential area, prevent to steal to rob events occur, must have their own safety and protection system, civil air defense security mode is difficult to adapt to our demands, home burglar alarm has become the current development trend.

Household safety is the big matter that everybody CARES, once produce burglary event, cause a loss to oneself not only, still can bring harm to society. So, small make up in order to solve the demand that broad user is safe defend, advocate prevent thief 3 steps, let household safety invulnerable.

Anti - theft first pass: door magnet option

Anti-theft door magnet is our most common and most basic household anti-theft equipment. Compact appearance, good concealment; In the state of fortification, if you suffer from illegal window opening, timely alarm, for your home security escort; You can also achieve remote monitoring through mobile intelligent terminal, is your smart home essential.

Anti - theft second pass: infrared detector

If you want to make your family truly safe, a burglar magnet is clearly not enough. Thus, some users choose the infrared detector as their home security of the second line of defense.

For ordinary household anti-theft equipment, its infrared scanning range is around seven or eight meters. Nevertheless, if we want to place its to wait in the door or window "crucial" place, this small 7 8 meters also have absolutely "4 2 pull thousand jin" expression.

Anti - theft third pass: anti - theft alarm

Home burglar alarm, used for real-time monitoring the condition of the home, the user can through the phone anytime, anywhere to see the change in the home, in addition to the intelligent alarm system, security monitoring equipment also includes human activities and door window switch induction equipment, such as infrared magnetic intrusion detector and doors and Windows, etc., these devices can timely to transfer the unusual situation of induction to the user's phone.

As a new generation of home security products, it has opened a new era of home security care, especially the powerful and considerate function is very in line with current family needs. It has made a qualitative leap in the care of empty-nesters and infants, as well as the home anti-theft alarm, enabling modern families to have a thoughtful care program.

Anti-theft devices include human activities and door switch induction equipment, such as infrared intrusion detector magnetic, smart door locks, door, etc., these devices in the condition of system security, can be induced to someone inside, doors and Windows open and then to call the police, and the abnormal situation in a timely manner will be induction transferred to user's phone, achieve the purpose of protect family and property.

Every household security product is the product of the development of science and technology, which embodies the painstaking efforts of the r&d and production personnel. The ultimate goal is to provide people with a more intelligent, safe and convenient way of life. When selecting the relevant security products, the user should consider the product performance, application scenarios and the scope of prevention. Through the above analysis, users can choose several products at the same time to protect their family. If they only choose a single product, then home burglar alarm has a greater advantage.