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HEYI Smart Housekeeper Guard Your Home Safely

Apr 13, 2017

Home is the most important place in our life. In order to have a better living experience, we will take into account all aspects of the design of the house, such as decoration materials, furniture safety, the rationality of space planning and so on, but no matter how to design, can not be ignored is safe. In fact, when it comes to safety, the most important thing is home security. At present, there are kinds of anti-theft methods , such as the following common anti-theft measures.

1, security door

Now every household is basically installed on the security door, security door is the first barrier to protect family safety. Anti-theft door configuration anti-theft lock, in a certain period of time can resist a certain condition of the abnormal open.

2, anti-theft mesh

Most families, especially those in the lower level, will install anti-theft mesh and anti-theft window, are made of metal welding, can effectively prevent theft.


The above two measures mentioned in our daily life is the most common anti-theft measures, although to a certain extent played a role in the anti-theft, but there are many limitations.Once the owner is not at home, anti-theft doors and windows were opened, can not stop the  burglary. In fact, very simple, just to install a HEYI smart alarm system, even if the thief visit, nor And then a nightmare.


HEYI smart alarm system, all-round protection of your home, so that it is not infringed. When the home is abnormal, the system center will inform the owner at the first time, the owner can real-time remote view and confirm the police intelligence, save evidence and alarm, timely resolution of abnormal, successful guardian home security.


HEYI is a smart housekeeper. Doors and windows detectors, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, web cameras, etc., having a full range of the system, mobile phone APP intelligent control, easy to use. Immediately open all-round housekeeping and than have a trip relievedly .


Home security requires every family to protect together. HEYI host control authorities can be shared by APP to other accounts freely.Even if the main account fail to find the abnormal , other families can find and process.图片1.png


With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent product replacement speed is also getting faster. HEYI keep pace with the times, the unique firmware upgrade feature, no need to re-purchase the latest host, you can just upgrade the system, expand the other accessories, real-time to enjoy the latest features via your smart phone APP.