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GSM Home Alarm Makes Users Go out at Ease

Aug 06, 2018

GSM Home Alarm Makes Users Go out at Ease

The home that is regarded as safe harbor all the time, if do not pay attention to safety problem, very likely become the place that accident harm happens. What traditional household security regards as important is door window, think to have window of guard against theft ok. However, in the 21st century, with the change and development of The Times, traditional security measures have become obsolete. Even if there are security guards in the community, there are still times of negligence.

The development of the Internet of things makes the burglar alarm enter the daily life with many characteristics such as security, convenience and intelligence. When visiting relatives and friends, traveling, or guarding important areas such as offices and warehouses, security precautions should not be relaxed and criminals should not be allowed to take advantage of them.

In mid-july last year, a man was killed when he fell from the top floor of building 4, district 5, tiantongyuan, changping district, Beijing. The man died when he touched a GSM alarm installed by the owner's home while trying to steal the property and fell from a window as he fled in a hurry. The owner of the house installed a GSM alarm system, which was triggered by a remote alarm device when thieves climbed from the window of the 12th floor to the home of the resident.

To prevent theft, Ms. Zhang spent some money online on a domestic GSM alarm, a door magnet, an infrared sensor, installed in a home window and elsewhere, and it worked. "The burglar alarm I bought is automatic. It rings whenever someone pushes the window open." "Ms. Zhang said.

You may wonder how it works, but a GSM alarm is a SIM card that holds a phone inside it and broadcasts an alarm call to the owner or 110. The alarm host supports high-decibel alarm sound. Once the detector or sensor triggers, the alarm host will emit an alarm sound of more than 110 decibels to scare off thieves.

From a certain extent, alarm products can satisfy people just need to be more, away from the children if in the home to install a set of GSM alarm, to old people wear an emergency alarm button, at the door magnetic door installation, detector installed in the corners of the room environment, so whether the old man accidentally, strangers enter, such as gas leakage, fire in the home is the most about people's life and property safety problems can be the most quickly and efficiently, will not exist privacy, the elderly and to guarantee safe going out.

Given the objective facts, HEYI security from is closely related to people's life in the alarm area, using its in the alarm industry technology and brand advantage, the new building in household anti-theft alarm brand - carved, and launched the home alarm host environment, door sensor, infrared detector, detector, emergency button, wireless remote control, etc. Series of products, to bring warmth to every family guardian.

Family security is related to the vital interests of family members. The environment and living conditions of residential areas and the awareness of personnel against theft affect family security. GSM alarm for home use is mainly used for home, shop and other indoor environment, the main purpose is to prevent theft in all directions, not to give thieves any opportunity. Report to the police as soon as there is any movement, and give you a safe, healthy and warm home.

GSM home alarm, as the household protection god, is small, fashionable and powerful, and its wireless device is more convenient to install. In case of alarm, it can quickly make anti-theft reaction, and inform the owner by preset means. At present, a number of customers have attracted the name and inquiry HEYI to buy it.