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Functions of wireless remote monitoring camera system

Dec 12, 2019

Functions of wireless remote monitoring camera system

1. Remote real-time monitoring function users can use monitoring client software to watch remote monitoring video in real time through the Internet. Monitoring client software can be installed on computers and smartphones.

2. Remote alarm and remote arming function

The wireless camera of the home wireless remote monitoring system can monitor images within 15 meters, and send alarm information to the user's mobile phone and client software in the first time. The user can use the client software of computer or mobile phone to set up and remove the defense of the monitoring place remotely and conveniently.

3. Network storage image function

The home wireless video monitoring system can save the monitoring video through the network. In the state of no alarm or disarming, the video of the monitoring place can be saved on the network hard disk according to the set time interval; in the case of alarm, the image can be saved on the network hard disk continuously until the alarm is removed. Users can watch the playback of monitoring video at any time through the client software.

4. It can be used for night vision, PTZ and other control functions

Select the wireless camera with infrared night vision function, and it can also take pictures normally in the environment without light. If the 360 degree rotating pan tilt is used, the monitoring range can be expanded greatly, the dead angle of monitoring can be avoided, and one camera can achieve the use effect of multiple cameras.

5. Mobile interactive monitoring function

Mobile phone is the most mobile monitoring tool, which can be equipped with powerful monitoring client software, while ordinary non smart phones can use the browser on the mobile phone to conveniently query real-time and historical monitoring images. When an alarm occurs, the mobile phone will receive a short message with a monitoring image link, and the user can directly open the monitoring image in the short message. Users who are not accustomed to using mobile browser can also send SMS to the service number, and the system will automatically reply to the SMS of the current image link. Users can open the monitoring image in the SMS, and can also use the SMS to disarm and other operations.