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Five questions about burglar alarm products(2)

May 25, 2017

1.The role of thec

For the anti-theft alarm system arm, disarm, use the same method as the common car anti-theft remote controller.

2. Smoke detector 

The use of advanced radioactive sources and contrast space, open space for heavy ion radiation detection, whether it is open flame, no fire, smoke, smoke burning, are more sensitive. When a harmful gas is detected, the indicator light is red and an alarm signal is sent to the host

3. Working principle of harmful gas detectors

Detection range: methane, ethane, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gas detection detection concentration: methane, propane, ethane more than 10000PPM, alcohol, acetate greater than 1000PPM, ethylene, ammonia more than 500PPM Working environment temperature: 5 ℃ Humidity: less than 95%

4. What is an emergency button?

Emergency button: it is one of the most simple equipment in the anti-theft device, it is a switch. There are normally open / closed output, there are changes in the switch when it will output the alarm signal to the host.

5. Acousto-optic siren

When the alarm host receives the alarm signal, through the acousto-optic siren to output, then  acousto-optic siren will flash at the same time, alarm sound.