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Five questions about burglar alarm products(1)

Apr 29, 2017

1.What is the burglar alarm system? 

Anti-theft alarm system is the use of various functions of the detector on the arming area of the surrounding, space, environment and the overall protection of the alarm system.

2.What is a detector?

Detector is the use of sensors to induce a variety of physical changes, chemical changes in the current, pulse and other signals to promote the RF circuit to send out the alarm signal.

3.What is Sensing Sensitivity?

Refers to the detector is triggered by the alarm when the detection distance of the distance and the reaction speed, high sensitivity, the distance away from the detector can be detected, the sensitivity is low, can only detect a closer range.

4.Anti-theft host role and working mode

Alarm host is the core of the alarm system. It is used to receive the alarm signal sent by the detector at the same time for timely feedback; host after receiving the alarm signal, will produce high-decibel alarm sound, and will use the mobile network to dial out the group set by the owner of their own alarm phone.

5.What is a Door sensor? How does it work?
Door sensors are used to sense doors and windows opening and closing. Usually a wooden door magnetic, window magnetic, shutter door magnetic, iron door magnetic. The principle is the use of magnets can control the principle of control magnetron opening and closing, when the two together when the magnetron was closed state, then the two will be separated from the magnetron will be disconnected, disconnect the signal will Trigger the RF circuit to send a wireless alarm signal to the alarm host.