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Fault Solution of HY-W20 Home Alarm System

Jun 02, 2018

Fault Solution of HY-W20 Home Alarm System

  • General solution:

When you can not operate w20 successfully. Such as loss GSM signal, can not connection to WIFI, can not restore to factory etc. You can try as the followings in sequence:

1.Charge the W20 directly before your operation. When W20 is lower power, the directive can not be operated successfully.

2.Restore to factory setting.  

3.insert the SIM card and Check the GSM signal.

4.Connect W20 with your mobile phone via WIFI. If already connection, please check the WIFI signal firstly.

5.Add GSM device. And check whether work well or not. This will helpful when you set APN.

6.Add GPRS device. If W20 already in your device list, you need to set the APN only. Please make sure input the right SIM card number and format (there is not need to input the area code). Make sure input the right password. The default is 888888. 

  • The problem with SIM card.

1.Do not have sufficient balance and data flow.

2.SIM is scratched , chip is damaged.

3.The SIM card is in bad contact with the W20 card slot.

4.SIM card not in the right model

5.W20 card slot has been damaged.

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HY-W20 WiFi/GPRS/SMS Camera Burglar Home Security Intelligent Alarm System adopts the up-to-date digital sensors and transfer technology, which integrates burglar and fire/gas protection for smart alarm system. Users can remotely control and program the alarm host Via APP. It also supports multiple languages. The system adopts WIFI/GPRS/SMS wireless network digital signal processing technology. When alarm happens, it will send alert by voice, information push, pop-up alarm on screen. W20 Alarm System is a advisable choice for personal house, working office and factory with fashionable appearance and multi-functions.