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Development Trend of Anti-theft Alarm System Technology

Mar 12, 2019

Development Trend of Anti-theft Alarm System Technology

In recent years, technology such as Internet of Things or AI, cloud computing and other technologies have brought more development space to all walks of life. For the security and anti-theft alarm industry, the development of various innovative technologies will bring more excellent products and solutions to the market and bring new ideas to the enterprise. What are the technical development trends of the security and anti-theft alarm industry at present? What are the innovative products of concern?

1. Network digitization

We all know that the current anti-theft alarm industry solutions are mostly through the bus mode for the transmission of alarm signals, bus transmission has many advantages, such as stable signal transmission, long distance transmission; Anti-jamming performance is also good. Therefore, it is the main mode of transmission in the anti-theft alarm system for a long time. Although the bus communication mode has many advantages, but it also has some defects, the most prominent is the tedious wiring, which requires a certain amount of time in the construction of the project.

Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of network technology, the TCP/IP network communication mode is gradually applied, and the installation of anti-theft alarm system transmitted through the network is more convenient. It only requires the equipment to bring its own TCP/IP network interface. Plug directly into the network cable can be used; The environment is also more open and can be used where there is a TCP/IP network, and the signal transmission is also very stable, especially for some large-scale perimeter alarm systems.

In the future, with the development of network technology and the market demand, coupled with the continuous maturity of POE power supply technology, the networked alarm system combined with the solution of POE power supply technology will present greater advantages.

2. NB-IoT technology

At present, with the strong support of the government and operators, NB-IoT technology has been developed rapidly, bringing new opportunities to various industries. NB-IoT is a new communication and transmission technology, mainly used in low-speed Internet of things applications. It has many advantages: wide coverage, large capacity, low power consumption, high cost-to-performance, good security and other characteristics, in intelligent fire fighting, intelligent municipal, safe city, Energy transportation and other related scenes of our production and life have broad application prospects.

In the field of anti-theft alarm, the application based on NB-IoT technology has been gradually expanded. In the application, NB-IoT technology has also brought many innovations to the project: using NB-IoT detector does not require cabling, and does not need to access the alarm host. The alarm information is uploaded directly to the platform, which is more convenient for users to install and use, and the detectors are not limited by distance and quantity, which can play an active role in some large and medium-sized projects.

In the future, NB-IoT technology will bring more surprises to the anti-theft alarm industry.

3. Integration

With the rapid development of anti-theft alarm technology, integrated alarm products are more and more favored by users. Compared with single-function products, integrated products have more complete functions and more ease of installation and use.

Taking the visual one-button emergency alarm product as an example, this product not only has the basic one-button emergency alarm function, but also has the functions of real-time communication, linkage monitoring, anti-theft map display and so on. It is a highly integrated anti-theft alarm product.

In practical applications, visual one-button emergency alarm products can play an outstanding role in various industry alarm solutions, but also in campuses, scenic spots, hotels, hospitals, squares, neighborhoods, large venues, Forests and other occasions have been widely used.

4. Platform

In the anti-theft alarm industry, the hardware products tend to be homogenized, the role of the software platform is becoming more and more prominent, the software platform is the core, the enterprise can meet the personalized requirements of the user, and the function of more differentiation can be customized and developed, and meanwhile, in the project, By using the platform big data, the terminal user can be better analyzed and managed, and the operation efficiency of the security system can be effectively improved.

In the security system, the function of software platform is self-evident. Nowadays, a platform with powerful function, stable operation and deep customization has a great competitive advantage.

With the progress of science and technology, the development of anti-theft alarm technology is also changing with each passing day. Various innovative technologies provide more security for the society, and bring more convenience to people's lives, at the same time, It also speeds up the rapid development of the anti-theft alarm industry.