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Contact ID

Sep 21, 2017

 How to send a Contact ID alarm to the Central Station

  • Alarm System: It is a system designed to detect intrusion (unauthorized entry), fire, gas leak, Carbon Monoxide leakage, high or low temperature, system trouble, communication trouble or any other emergency event.

  • Central Station: It refers to a company providing services to monitor burglar, fire and residental alarm systems.

  • Contact ID protocol: It is the most popular protocol that is used to establish communication between the alarm systems and the Central Station., for center monitor.  The globally used Contact ID  protocal for alarm security system.

    You have an alarm system installed and configured in your office or home. This alarm system is connected to the Central Station. In case of emergency (e.g. fire, burglary, theft or any other intrusion) the alarm system sends an alert to the Central Station that will take the appropriate action to avert the emergency.

Our H5H7 , HY-518 are all support  ADEMCO Contact ID. 

HY-H7 kit.jpg