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Community Security is Urgent, HEYI Alarm System Help Solve Hidden Trouble for Users

Jun 11, 2018

Community Security is Urgent 

HEYI Alarm System Help Solve Hidden Trouble for Users

Cases of burglary have been commonplace. Although residents have stepped up prevention efforts, they still seem to have no sense of confidence; every year the public security department will also step up efforts to rectify illegal criminal activities, but it is always difficult to eliminate the phenomenon of illegal crimes. The increasing voice of the installation of the community security system and the security of the community can be urgently solved by every residents.

Why do illegal elements appear repeatedly, and the phenomenon of family theft is even more "preventive"? What is the reason for the thieves to be so arrogant and who has condoned their illegal activities? How to effectively reduce or eliminate the occurrence of the theft, We believe that scientific prevention is the key to improving the theft problem.

With the rapid economic development, people’s lives have also improved, and people’s concerns have also changed. From the past material needs, the demand for their own property security has shifted. People have been paying more attention to housing prices, quality, and lighting during the purchase of houses. Now, community security has gradually become a hot topic of discussion. Whether a property can provide a safe and comfortable living environment has become another focus of attention.

The modern emerging community is relatively complete, and security forces have been greatly strengthened. In particular, in some high-end communities, the property focuses more on security work and aims to provide residents with a safe living environment and improve the satisfaction of residents.

The days of the summer are getting shorter and shorter. Now it is the time for the squad to go mad, because the thief also has to spend the New Year, so the residents of the community must pay attention to do a good job of anti-theft measures. Here's to share the performance of the community anti-theft system, how to help users solve security risks.

In the early morning of April 5, 2018, a police squawked in a corridor in Nanjing West Lane, and the security of the community came and the thieves seized it. The arrest of the thieves was mainly attributed to the civilian police in the area. It was recommended that the installation of a community security system be effective.

In the early hours of April 5th, a black man came quietly to the door of Room 403. When he was about to open, he was unlocked. However, the man just wanted to push the door to enter. The alarm sounded in the room and he was scared. The thief hurriedly hid in the parking shed, and he was caught by the security guard.

The successful capture of the thieves and the residents’ property security were ensured. Thanks to the police stations in the area, the residents were free to install the district security system. According to the police, the price of the alarm was not very high, but it was very practical. The main principle is to use magnetic induction technology to respectively affix the equipment on the doors and windows and the door frame. Closing the doors and windows, the equipment will be affixed together. As long as the doors and windows are illegally opened more than 1 centimeter, the alarm device will emit more than 90 decibels of sound and the voice signal Passed to the security room to effectively stop burglary. This shows that the application of technical defense is necessary.

In recent years, residents' demands for their own living environment have gradually increased, and the security in the community has become more and more important. How to provide residents with a safe and comfortable home environment is the primary issue that each property should consider. Residents also need to constantly improve their own security awareness. Through the use of community anti-theft systems, they effectively protect themselves and their property, and strive to create a comfortable and safe living environment.