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Commissioning of passive infrared detectors

Dec 17, 2019

Commissioning of passive infrared detectors

After the detector is installed, commissioning the detector is the last thing to do. There are two methods for the debugging of the passive infrared detector. One is walk test, that is, the debugger takes the s-shaped line in the warning area to sense the width of the warning range and so on. This can be understood from the figure.

The microwave sensitivity and the infrared sensitivity should be adjusted separately through the step test method. Too high or too low sensitivity will affect the prevention effect. Sometimes due to seasonal changes, sensitivity is adjusted separately in winter and summer. The microwave sensitivity must not be too large, because the microwave is only penetrating. Pay attention to it when debugging.

The second method is meter measurement. Some detectors have a background noise voltage output interface. Use the voltage of a multimeter to test. When the detector is on alert, the output voltage of its static background noise indicates the interference of the interference source. To determine whether this type of detector is suitable for this location.