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Commercial Burglar Alarm Guard for Shops

Aug 31, 2018

Commercial Burglar Alarm Guard for Shops

With the augmentation of the social security awareness, to better combat and prevent crime at the same time, commercial burglar alarm has been more and more widely used, historically, large and small shops are people basic life assurance, daily necessities and wear, use, and so on all need these shops to provide us with the necessary goods and services.

Zhuhai public security released a message via weibo at 11:33 am on July 25, 2018: at about 7:00am on July 25, 2018, a male criminal suspect carried out robbery at a store in haizhu district and fled the scene after committing the crime. The police are fully investigating.

At about 7 a.m. on July 25, Ms. Li came to the shop as usual. Ms li works at a chain store on jinsha road in haizhu district. Just walked to the door of the shop, Ms. Li was surprised to find that the shop glass door that had been locked with a burglar lock was open at closing last night, and the burglar lock was lying quietly on the ground. A surprised ms li hurried into the shop and found that the drawer of the cash register in the store had been opened, and more than 7,000 yuan of business money had disappeared. Anxious ms lee immediately called 911.

Shop occurrence pilfer incident frequently, make people panic. The criminals target mainly the street shops that are alone, located in remote areas, unguarded at night and with poor security measures, stealing valuables such as cash, laptops and digital products. So carved sharp security for the vast number of shop owners recommend commercial installation of anti-theft alarm, so that the thieves can do nothing to escape the heart of the alarm.

In order to solve the general store security hidden danger, each store installs a businessman to use guard against theft alarm, once have illegal element to enter, immediately alarm bell big ring, timid burglar is sure to run away. Don't worry if you encounter a daring thief. The main alarm will immediately send a message to the preset mobile phone number. You can learn about the security situation in the store and make timely treatment.

The powerful alarm function guards your territory, as the most loyal bodyguard, the most intimate guard like 24 hours to protect your property and the family, personal security. Let you with a relaxed attitude comfortable life to make money, say goodbye to the fear. The intelligent burglar alarm is installed. When the alarm device is in the security working state, as long as the person enters the security range, the device will immediately give an alarm sound. If a burglar enters, the resident can find it immediately, but the thief does not know it, and is often tackled.

It can effectively save manpower and link the system with relevant departments. When the alarm center finds any changes and arrives in place in a timely manner, it can provide first-hand materials to relevant personnel, which is conducive to fast and powerful fighting against crimes and improving law enforcement efficiency.

The standard set of store burglar alarm is: an infrared detector, a door magnet, two remote controls, an alarm, a host. Of course, you can set up relative alarm devices, such as infrared detector, door magnetic detector, etc.

Door magnet mounted on doors and Windows; The infrared is installed directly in front of the store; If someone invades you can sense it; These sensors, sensing an alarm, immediately trigger the alarm host, which immediately starts the alarm, and sends a text message and a phone call to the user.

We have been dedicated to providing safe and stable commercial burglar alarms and mature system solutions for customers in major stores for many years. We also collect user feedback regularly to improve product performance. In addition, we can proactively provide technical services to users and solve their problems in a timely manner.