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Classification of safety warning lights

Dec 24, 2019

Classification of safety warning lights:

         Our conventional warning lights are divided into single warning lights and combined warning lights (multi-layer). The colors of the warning lights are also various, red orange yellow green blue blue purple. Several conventional light-emitting modes. Steady light, strobe, flashing light, rotation.

         Can the safety warning lights sound?

         The warning light can emit sounds such as drops or siren through the built-in buzzer, and it is transmitted through the high decibel volume. With the all-round rotating astigmatism, the maximum warning effect can be achieved during the day and night!

         The role of safety warning lights:

         1. To others, remind people around you to stay away from or confirm safe passage;

         2. To yourself, remind yourself, pay attention to the safety of operation and confirmation of the safe environment.